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Networking can be as simple as handing someone a contact card or as involved as joining committees, clubs and organizations.  Regardless of how  you do it, networking is definitely one of the most important steps when it comes to kick-starting your career.  



+-Networking Basics

Networking is a process that has multiple uses and advantages, such as:

  • Obtaining valuable advice and support
  • Access to insider information about companies/jobs before advertised
  • Connecting with people and cultivating relationships
  • Assisting you with navigating the job search process
  • Exchanging information, resources and support to create mutually beneficial relationships for personal and professional use

Networking is NOT asking for a job or USING people.  Students often hesitate to network because they feel awkward asking for help but it is a very important part of any job search.

Why network?

It is estimated that 60-80% if jobs available are filled by people who have a connection with the company.  One of your most important job search strategies should incorporate making connections with people in your field as well as maintaining connections.

Determine Your Networking Goals

What do you want to accomplish:   gain general information, learn about unadvertised jobs, get referrals, cultivate references, enter a new career field, build new skills, etc.

How to Identify People

Networking opportunities can happen intentionally or accidentally. Develop a contact list. 
Faculty/ staff
Neighbors/ community
Employers/ co-workers

Effective Networking Skills

  • Networking is not a sales pitch where you do all the talking
  • Develop good listening skills
  • Plan an opening question or statement to get the conversation started
  • Respect other’s time and resources
  • Practice,  practice,  practice
  • Networking is a learned skill!
  • Be honest, tactful, ethical

Networking Mistakes

  • Networking is not all about “schmoosing”
  • It is not about  manipulating people to get hired
  • Networking is about achieving visibility
  • It is not a quick fix- takes time

+-Build Your Network

This section is filled with simple things you can do to build your network using people you already know. As you meet people throughout your academic and professional career, make sure to make connections by exchanging information. You can even get started by requesting Chapman contact  cards through our business card service at the Career Development Center.

+-Career Connex CDC Text Service

career-connex-iconCareer Connex is a service provided by the Career Development Center to keep you updated on exclusive events, career opportunities and giveaways. The CDC selects their event text blasts very carefully and makes sure to only send info out about opportunities that are important and exclusive. We respect your mobile privacy and do not share any of your information.  

To join Career Connex for FREE:

Text  the letters “CDC” to the phone number 25827.

You will receive a welcome text and be signed up to receive exclusive events and opportunities texted straight to your cell phone.

You can stop our texts at any time by texting back STOP.

+-Chapman Alumni Network

Chapman University has a huge growing network of alumni. Alumni of Chapman University are employed all over the country everywhere from small entrepreneur startups to huge fortune 500 companies. Getting connected with this massive network can lead to jobs and internships all over the world. Follow this link to the Chapman Alumni Network Webpage.

+-Social Networking

Social Media is a great resource to use to network and stay connected. Build your own profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or start your own blog. Make sure anything you use when networking for your career is kept clean and professional (you could make one for personal use and one for business) and keep your profiles up to date by checking them often. You can also add us on the social pages below to get updates and exclusive information regarding career opportunities and events.

+-LinkedIn Training Videos


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