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Write a Resume and Cover Letter

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Your Resume, Cover Letter or CV is the first impression any employer is going to have of you. As you begin to develop these documents it's important to remember how you want your brand yourself and make sure it is being portrayed properly in your documents. We recommend you use the tools that we have developed for you in order to be able to write a professional and magnetic resume, cover letter, or CV.

Learn to Interview

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After you have identified your ideal career and prepared yourself for the job search, it is time to buckle down and focus on getting and nailing the interview. Use the resources we have provided to get yourself the job.

Learn to Network

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Networking is a vital aspect of finding a career in today's job market. Networking is established over time and it's important you have the tools and knowledge to make your network begin to work for you. Your Network will be a way for you to connect with the whose who of your industry and keep updated on all the up to date information related to your area of interest. Chapman University has many tools to offer in this area. Explore this section to see what you can use to help develop your future career.

Job Search

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Here you can find strategies and various job boards that can be useful for job searching. Remember to utilize your Network but also we have developed a Chapman Network just for you with Panther Connect, make sure to check it out!!