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C.C. Chapman


The following policies do not correspond into the other categories. These various policies are related to a variety of other subjects. They can be found in the corresponding tabs below.

+-Business and Private Enterprise

Students may operate a business (e.g., sales/services, advertisements provided through the mail, telephone/fax, Internet, or other means of mass communication) and/or complete employment requirements on University property as long as:

  1. It is not deemed indecent or inappropriate for association with the University’s name/reputation;
  2. It complies with the University Posting Policy.
  3. It is not disruptive to other students.
  4. It does not create health and safety concerns.
  5. It does not violate a controlling contract the University has with a vendor.
  6. It complies with the Computer Network Acceptable Use Policy and other published policy.
  7. It does not use the University name, equipment or other resources without express written consent by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Dean of Students. 

Note: If a business or the completion of employment requirements become disruptive and/or create health and safety concerns, the student must immediately cease all business activities on campus. Business activities include, but are not limited to, sales/services or advertisements provided through the mail service, telephone/fax, Internet, World Wide Web, or other means of mass communication. Any postings must comply with the University Posting Policy.


All students who wish to film on or around Chapman property must complete the required permit and obtain the required approvals (Facilities, Public Safety, Office of Housing & Residence Life, Calendaring Office, Orange Police Department or other city agencies). Students who fail to do so will be required to halt their process until the appropriate approval is obtained (not all requests maybe approved).  Requests for the permit must be completed 7 business days prior to the start of filming. Students must keep permits with them at all times during filming (See also Weapons, Explosives, and Hazardous Materials Policy & Illegal Substances Policy).


All students and guests are required to provide their name and show appropriate identification to a University Official upon request. Students must carry their Chapman identification with them at all times when on University property or at University functions; guests must carry a driver’s license, or other government-issued identification at all times. The following behaviors are also prohibited:

  1. Falsely identifying oneself or others or failure to comply with this policy.
  2. Possession, production, or distribution of false identification cards, or materials to fabricate such, is illegal and strictly prohibited. Any false identification cards found to be in the possession of students or guests will be confiscated, destroyed, and may result in a citation from the Orange Police Department.


+-Keys and Unauthorized Entry/Exit

Rooms must be calendared and approved by the Event Scheduling Office prior to their use.  The following behaviors are prohibited:

  1. Unauthorized/improper possession, duplication, or use of University keys.
  2. Unauthorized/improper entry to/exit from or use of University premises.
  3. Tampering with any locking device on campus.
  4. Students are not to loan out keys/cards that have been issued to them for their individual use.

+-Posting Policy


All postings and publicity must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Items must visibly include the sponsoring group or department’s name, contact information, and logo. 
  2. Postings may not violate the University’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy (http://www.chapman.edu/HR/EO/harrassmentPolicy.asp). 
  3. Posting only in designated and approved posting areas (Unrecognized Groups or non-Chapman affiliates may only post on campus community boards).
  4. Postings may not contain language or images that promote or imply drug or alcohol consumption.
  5. Postings must never be situated in such a way as to impede upon pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
  6. Postings containing information written in a language other than English must have an English translation on said postings, with the exception of the names of registered Greek-lettered organizations.
  7. Staples, tape, stickers, mounting tape, and tacks should only be used on bulletin boards. Poster putty or string is required for posting in all other areas on campus. 
  8. All postings by unrecognized student groups shall expressly disclaim, in font no smaller than ten (10) point size, any affiliation with or recognition or sponsorship by the University.  The following language is approved for use: “This group is not affiliated with, recognized by, or otherwise endorsed by Chapman University in any manner.” 
  9. Leaflets, Pamphlets and Handbills (Handbills) and similar informational literature may be used in association with on-campus groups, events and activities, including groups, events, and activities not recognized or sponsored by the University. In the case of unrecognized student groups, only Chapman student members of the group may distribute such informational literature.
  10. Handbills may be distributed at the following two locations only:
    i. the sidewalks between Argyros Forum and the Leatherby Libraries and
            ii. the sidewalks between the Leatherby Libraries and Beckman Hall.
  11. Handbills may be distributed in conjunction with the renting of outdoor space by unrecognized student groups. See “Vending and Solicitation” procedures (available from the Department of Student and Campus Life and at (www.chapman.edu/scl/vending/default.asp) for more details.
  12. Handbills may only be distributed in person, to individuals.
  13. Handbills cannot be placed on cars, left on unattended tables, attached to walls or doors, or placed in any other campus locations.
  14. Handbills may not be distributed in a manner that impedes the flow of traffic (automobile or pedestrian), disrupts activity taking place in any classroom or building, is harassing, or deemed solicitous in nature.
  15. Handbills may not be distributed inside any building or dining hall.
  16. Handbills may not be distributed in the Residence Halls or surrounding locations without prior authorization from the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
  17. No student group, whether recognized or unrecognized, may distribute handbills or similar materials during the weeks designated for fraternity rush and sorority recruitment or during the two weeks proceeding such periods.
  18. Distribution by students of informational literature or commercial publicity by or for unsanctioned off-campus parties or by or for commercial entities, or for financial gain, is prohibited.

Note: See also Student and Campus Life Event Planning Guide, Marketing and Advertising (http://www.chapman.edu/eventPlanning/eventSections.asp). 

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Dean of Students Office reserves the right to remove any postings which it determines fails to meet all of the criteria stated.


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