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+ - Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program is designed to help new students make connections with the campus community and begin to establish a sense of belonging at Chapman University. Peer Mentors are successful and experienced student volunteers who are dedicated to supporting first year and transfer students’ transition into college. This program is open to any new student who is interested in having a mentor to guide him/her/them through the first semester at Chapman. In an effort to build a successful mentoring relationship, mentees have the option of being paired with mentors based on a similar interest or individual characteristic. Residence Life and First Year Experience staff will monitor the program, providing mentor training and evaluation in support of successful mentor/mentee relationships. Questions? Please contact


+ - Wilderness Treks

Trek details coming soon! If you have any questions, please contact Jordan Vaughn at


+ - First Year Photo Project

The First Year Photo Project is a program made exclusively for you. It is a way to connect with Chapman early on and take others with you on your journey to college.

So how does it work? We first ask that you apply by submitting an application. This program is limited to the first thirty applications received. early July we will begin sending weekly topics for you to explore through photos. For example, one week may be “Getting ready to Move” or “My last summer vacation before college starts”. Once the semester begins, we will have a few group meetings to give everyone an opportunity to discuss their pictures and the stories behind them. We look forward to seeing your journey through a different lens. Questions? Please contact


+ - Emerging Leaders Retreat

The Emerging Leaders Retreat is a three day program where students will have the opportunity to meet peers and learn more about leadership in a fun and interactive setting. Students will be able to preference one of three tracks in which they would like to engage in. This is the perfect opportunity to explore ways to get involved at Chapman before the Fall semester even begins!

Upon completion of this program you will:

  • Get to know your fellow peers
  • Identify your personal characteristics and leadership style
  • Identify and describe your values
  • Determine where and how to get involved
A few Quotes from past participants:

“I now understand that leadership is even more complex than I previously thought. I want to learn more!”

“I honestly do not see myself forgetting this wonderful experience! The Emerging Leaders Program has been an amazing pre-orientation program. I will take away the motivation and drive to become a much better leader, and I have gotten the opportunity to be around people with the same goals. … I really feel that I got to know not only myself better, but others as well. I am encouraged to get involved and make a difference.”

“The main thing that I’ll take away from this program is that there are many different types of leaders. I’ve also gotten to understand myself and others. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone (which I rarely do).”

“I’ve always been interested in leadership programs, but as an incoming freshman, I really wanted to take the opportunity to get a head start and become active early on. I’m super thrilled that I took the opportunity to do this though. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This program has already made my experience better.”

“I have learned a lot about myself, and it has whet my appetite to keep learning.”


Please contact Jordan Vaughn, (714) 628.7379 or 

+ - First Generation Summer Bridge Program

This is a 2-day Bridge Program to help incoming first-generation college students and their families transition smoothly into Chapman University.

Summer Bridge Program Goals:

  • To facilitate the smooth transition of first-generation college students into university life by providing them with the skills needed to be academically successful
  • To help participants take advantage of campus resources and opportunities in order to succeed
  • To develop a sense of community among incoming and current first-generation college students


Please contact First Generation Summer Bridge Staff,

+ - First Year Associates Program

The Associates Program is a series of evening workshops in the Fall designed to provide first year students with additional opportunities to interact with faculty and representatives from various academic offices. Students who attend this program will gain an insider’s perspective on ways to get ahead academically at Chapman and beyond.

+ - Mapworks

Each Fall and Spring we ask all first year students to complete a short online survey called Mapworks. Mapworks is designed to help students understand how they are connecting at the University, what challenges may lie ahead, and what services are available to help them meet those challenges. Be on the lookout for more information once the academic year begins. 

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