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Cross-Cultural Engagement is designed to engage the Chapman Community in learning experiences fostering a campus environment that highly values personal dignity, diversity, equity, civility and global citizenship.


Programs Creating a knowledgeable environment of respect and acceptance is a large part of what Cross-Cultural Engagement tries to achieve. Explore the various programming to join in the experience!


Communities Gain knowledge, experience and become an ally for various communities. Students searching for others with similar interests or backgrounds can use the communities’ section to find a club, organization, or discussion group on campus.


Resources Resources provides a lineup of helpful links and options for those seeking to learn more information about diversity and equity related issues, as well as offers materials on Chapman’s effort to support diversity and equity goals.

Chapman Cross-Cultural Initiative

Chapman Cross-Cultural Initiative

If you haven’t already seen the “I Am Chapman” exhibit in the Argyros Forum Student Union Gallery, be sure to stop by and check it out throughout the month of September. The exhibit kicks off our new Chapman Cross-Cultural Initiative, whose goal is to provide a series of engaging experiences that expose students to multiple viewpoints on a variety of issues, as well as highlight the many different cultures that comprise the Chapman student community. 

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