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Become a Community Partner

As a primary liaison between the campus and surrounding communities, we strive to maintain contact and develop ongoing relationships with non-profit and public service agencies in our community. As a community partner, we will help raise campus awareness of your agency; promote your service needs and opportunities to faculty, staff, and students; and make connections with curricular and co-curricular service experiences.

For more information on becoming a community partner, please email civic@chapman.edu.

Things to Consider About Student Volunteers

As you consider recruiting and working with Chapman students, please take into account that Chapman works on an academic semester calendar.

In addition to their academic course load, students are involved with co-curricular activities and hold jobs either on- or off-campus.  Many students who would like to be involved in public service are unable to due to their heavy academic schedules, and many who are involved can only commit to a limited amount of time. Transportation to and from service opportunities may also be an issue for students; please consider accessibility via public transportation.

Students may not have had exposure to the type of work you are requesting or with the populations you are serving. You will want to provide an appropriate orientation and the necessary supervision to enable them to best meet your needs and engage in a valuable learning experience.

Employing Chapman Work-Study Students

The Community Service Work-Study Program provides students the opportunity to participate in significant service experiences while earning a portion of their financial aid award. This federally-sponsored program allows non-profit/government agencies to employ Chapman students at a minimal charge. The goal of the program is to provide students with a meaningful service and learning experience while supporting and enhancing the work of non-profit/governmental organizations.  For more information on connecting to this program, contact Nashaunda Williams in Human Resources.

Hiring Chapman Interns/Graduates

Internships typically involve more time and responsibility than most co-curricular community service involvements.  Interns generally work more hours per week, have a specific set of learning outcomes, and are actively supported by a faculty advisor.  If you would like to post a job or internship opportunity for Chapman students, please do so through Chapman’s Career Development Center. If applicable, you can also post your internship as a service opportunity in OrgSync.

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