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The mission of the testing division of the Tutoring, Learning, and Testing Center is to promote and maintain a fair and secure testing environment when administering both standardized tests and tests for individual courses.  Additionally, we seek to consistently provide the appropriate accommodations when administering exams for our students with disabilities.

Testing services include:

  • Accommodated testing for students with disabilities
  • Placement testing for Math and Foreign Language
  • Proficiency exams to fulfill the foreign language GE requirement
  • Proctoring services for online courses or distance learning
  • U.S. Constitution Exam for the California teaching credential requirement

For questions regarding testing services, please contact the testing administrator, Carole Wayman.

+ - Resources

The following are web sites for some of the national tests required for admission to college and to graduate school, as well as for teaching credentials.  The best study materials are always those found on the official web site for the tests.  Focus on strategies and on practice test questions.  Additional sources for books, web-based practice tests and courses can be found at local bookstores and on the web.  Look for reputable names in publishing.

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