» The 16th Annual Holocaust Art and Writing Contest

Through Discovery to Action:  Making Meaning from Memory

Each school is invited to participate in the 16th Annual Holocaust Art and Writing Contest. Participating schools may submit a total of three entries (art, film and/or writing) from three individual students. Schools will be eligible to win a first prize award of $500. Students awarded second prize in each category in the middle and high school competitions will be awarded $250.

Discovery unites awareness and action.  This year's Holocaust Art and Writing Contest asks you to locate discovery within a specific survivor or rescuer testimony and then create a work of art (in prose, art, or film) that expresses the link you see between discovery and action, on the part of both the survivor or rescuer and yourself.

Generous supporters have made it possible for us to invite the first prize recipient in each category, the recipient’s parent or guardian, and the recipient’s teacher, to participate in an expense-paid study trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and other sites in Washington, D.C. from June 21 - 25, 2015.

+ - Through Discovery to Action: Making Meaning from Memory

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Please submit your films using WeTransfer.com:

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  1. “Add File” to browse your computer and choose your film
  2. "Send to:" cioffi@chapman.edu
  3. In the notes section, please write: “Cover sheet for [title of film] to follow shortly.”
  4. Submit film.
  5. Send your cover sheet to cioffi@chapman.edu to complete the submission process.
WeTransfer removes files after one week. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt before one week passes, please contact us to ensure receipt of your film.
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Reminder: Each entry must have a cover sheet

Important Dates

Submission Deadline
February 3, 2015

Awards Ceremony
March 6, 2015

Study Trip Orientation Session

Study Trip to Washington, D.C.
June 21 -25, 2015

Judging Rubrics

Judging rubrics for each category will be available soon!

First Place Entries Online!

View the top entries in the 2014 contest!
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