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Bill Rosenthal


Dodge College Courses:FTV 127 Screenwriting Intensive, FTV 128 Character Analysis for Writers, FTV 227 Screenwriting Fundamentals, FTV 328 Seminar in Television Writing, FTV 427 Feature Screenwriting II

Industry Affiliations:  Writers Guild of America

For more than 20 years, Bill Rosenthal wrote and produced comedy, drama, and animation for such major television networks as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, the WB, and several cable networks. He has worked as a staff writer, show-runner, and “every writer/producer position in-between.” Rosenthal's recent credits include Nurse Jackie (Showtime), Men At Work (TBS), and Greetings From Home (AOL). His previous credits include Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Tripping the Rift, The Single Guy, Working (Co-Creator), Head of the Class among others.  

"Part of the writing process is becoming comfortable sharing your particular point of view about the world, which is unique to you as an individual. But this isn’t always an easy journey. It often involves delving deeper, taking risks, embarrassing yourself, and falling flat on your face as you move toward something great. It might seem strange to say, but that’s the joy of writing (at least it is for me)," says Rosenthal. "My classes almost always begin with a series of short writing exercises designed to teach students not only the fundamentals of screen and TV writing, but how to tap into their inner voice too.  In addition to asking my students to always be writing, I assign lots of feature and TV scripts to read too; the idea being not to intimidate but to inspire."