» Dr. Naveen Jonathan
Assistant Professor, Clinical Faculty
Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences; Marriage and Family Therapy
Dr. Naveen Jonathan
Office Location:
Crean Hall 142 ( 501 W. Palm Ave )
Office Hours:
By Appointment Only (Fall 2015)
(714) 997-6932
Washington Adventist University, Bachelor of Science
Loma Linda University, Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy
Loma Linda University, Ph.D.

Dr. Jonathan received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Marital & Family Therapy from Loma Linda University. He also received a B.S. degree in Counseling Psychology from Columbia Union College. He began teaching as an adjunct instructor at Chapman in 2009 while completing his dissertation. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology at Chapman University and is the Director of the Frances Smith Center for Individual & Family Therapy 

Dr. Jonathan is also a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of California. He has a private practice in Santa Ana, CA - Santa Ana Community Counseling, where he has worked in therapy with families, couples, children, individuals and groups in both agency and school-based settings. He has worked extensively with issues pertaining to court mandated clients, divorce/co-parenting, parenting, children & adolescents, culture, gender and diversity.

Dr. Jonathan is the current President-Elect for the American Association for Marital & Family Therapy, California Division (AAMFT-CA). Dr. Jonathan also serves on the Elections Council on the national level for the American Association for Marital & Family Therapy (AAMFT). He has served in several positions in leadership in the AAMFT-CA and also served on the national board for AAMFT.


Courses Taught:

PSY 326          Child Psychology

PSY 328          Abnormal Psychology

PSY 340          Human Sexuality

PSY 556          Family Systems & Studies

PSY 583          Assessment & Treatment of Sexual Disorders

PSY 588          Assessment & Treatment of Substance Abuse

PSY 618          Multicultural Issues in Therapy

PSY694           Practicum


Research and Scholarship:

Dr. Jonathan's research interests and publications cover topics pertaining to working with children and adolescents, diverse populations, couples issues pertaining to gender equality, power and attunement along with divorce and its effects on the family.




Strategies for Achieving Relational Attunement and Gender Equality in Heterosexual Couple Relationships

American Family Therapy Academy Conference; May 19, 2012, San Francisco, CA


A Narrative Approach to Grief With Elder Women

International Family Therapy Association Conference; March 23, 2012, Vancouver, Canada


Attunement & Relational Responsibility in Same-Sex Couple Relationships

American Family Therapy Academy Conference; June 24, 2011, Baltimore, MD


When Gender Doesn’t Organize Process: Studying Same-Sex Couples

National Council for Family Relations Conference; November 11, 2009, San Francisco, CA


Is it the Blues?: Recognizing Signs of Suicidal Behavior in Youth

National Catholic Educators Association Conference; April 16, 2009, Anaheim, CA


Professional Service:

President-Elect, American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy, California Division, 2012-Present

Elections Council, American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy 2010-Present

Treasurer, American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy, California Division, 2010-2011

Board Member, American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy 2006-2007


Professional Membership:

2001   American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy        Clinical Member

2001   California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists     Member

2001   National Council on Family Relations                             Member

2005   International Family Therapy Association                       Member

2008   American Family Therapy Academy                               Member

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
Jonathan, N. & Knudson-Martin, C. (2012). Building Connection: Attunement and Gender Equality in Heterosexual Relationships. Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy.
Jonathan, N. (2009). Carrying Equal Weight: Relational Responsibility & Attunement Among Same-Sex Couples. In C. Knudson-Martin & A. Rankin Mahoney (Eds.), Couples, Gender, and Power: Creating Change in Intimate Relationships. New York, NY: Springer Publications.