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Michael Schiffer
Michael Schiffer began his writing career as a novelist. After returning from an extensive stay in Europe and Nepal, Schiffer wrote independently for five years before publishing Lessons of the Road and Ballpark with Simon & Schuster publishing. 

Not long after, he decided that writing films was what he truly wanted to do, and so he drove to Los Angeles to embark on a successful writing career. Some of his writing credits include Colors, Lean on Me, Crimson Tide, The Peacemaker, and The Four Feathers. Schiffer has also worked as a producer on such films as Very Bad Things and Le Divorce. Additionally, he explored the lucrative medium of video games, where he worked as a script and dialogue consultant on the popular Call of Duty series.

“Strap yourself in,” Schiffer advises. “Writing is a ton of work and takes a lot of time”. But his drive for “the thrill of creative truth” keeps him going, and he loves sharing this passion with his students.