» Michael A. Eaton
Adjunct Faculty

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Michael A. Eaton
Whitworth University, Bachelor of Arts in English
Azusa Pacific University, Master of Fine Arts

Dodge College Course(s): Intro to Visual Storytelling
Industry Affiliations: International Cinematographers Guild

After many years in the trenches of the film industry working as camera assistant and camera operator, Michael Eaton is now proud to own his production company, 5Palms, making films, documentaries, commercials, corporate media, music videos and web based content for a variety of clients. Of his many projects throughout his career, he cherishes his experience working with renowned Notre-Dame sociologist Christian Smith to make a documentary movie, Soul Searching, based on his book of the same name which was written after seven years of academic research into the religious and spiritual lives of American teenagers from all religions and non religious backgrounds.

“Teaching is a way for me to give back to the next generation of filmmakers some of the knowledge and experience that I've gained after twenty years in the industry,” says Eaton. He advises students to “narrow their many interest into a singular pursuit” adding that it’s important for students to leave film school “with the confidence to say, ‘this is what I do well.’”