» Dr. Kenneth D. Sumida
Professor, Chair, Health Sciences; Hancock Endowed Chair in Natural Sciences; Director, Post Bac Pre-Health Professional Program

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Health Sciences
Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Physical Therapy
Dr. Kenneth D. Sumida
Office Location:
Hashinger Science Center 102
(714) 997-6995
University of Southern California, Bachelor of Science
Chapman University, Master of Science in Sports Medicine
University of Southern California, Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology

Dr. Sumida’s initial research focused on the impact of endurance training on hepatic gluconeogenesis using the liver perfusion method and isolated hepatocytes.  These investigations revealed that endurance training elevates the glucose production capacity of the liver that could help to prevent the decline in blood glucose concentration during prolonged exercise.  Dr. Sumida used these same techniques and switched his research to investigate the sex differences for hepatic gluconeogenesis following chronic alcohol consumption.  This research demonstrated that female animals were more susceptible to alcohol-induced hypoglycemia compared to males.  Recently, his research has taken a different path.  He currently investigates the impact of resistance training on bone formation during the growth period.  These studies are revealing the existence of an exercise threshold for bone formation as well as sex differences in the training-induced response.


  • PT 515 Applied Human Physiology
  • BIOL 365/366 Human Physiology
  • BIOL 350 Applied Exercise Physiology

Research Interests 

  • The effects of resistance training on bone formation during growth.
  • Sex differences in hepatic gluconeogenic capacity due to chronic alcohol consumption.


  • Irvine Health Foundation
  • NIH - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism
  • NIH - National Institute on Aging


  • American College of Sports Medicine, Fellow
  • American Physiological Society

Recent Scholarly Publications (underlined names represent student authors):

Ahles, C.P., H. Singh, W.Joo, Y. Lee, L.C. Lee, W. Colazas, R.A. Pierce, A. Prakash, S.V. Jaque, and K.D. Sumida.  High volumes of resistance exercise are not required for increasing BMD during growth.  Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 45(1): 36-42, 2013.

Pierce, R.A., L.C. Lee, C.P. Ahles, S.M. Shdo, S.V. Jaque, and K.D. Sumida.  Different training volumes yield equivalent increases in BMD.  International Journal of Sports Medicine 31: 803-809, 2010.

Kayser, B.D.,  J.K. Godfrey, R.M. Cunningham, R.A. Pierce, S.V. Jaque, and K.D. Sumida.  Equal BMD after daily or triweekly exercise in growing rats.  International Journal of Sports Medicine 31: 44-50, 2010.