» Jeff Phillips
Adjunct Faculty

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Jeff Phillips
Loyola Marymount University, Bachelor of Arts in Screenwriting
Chapman University, Master of Arts in English
Chapman University, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Dodge College Courses: Writing the Adaptation, Seminar in TV Writing: Drama
Industry Affiliations: Writers Guild of America

Jeff Phillips has worked in film and tv for over 20 years as a writer- producer.  After Disney purchased his feature screenplay, KING’S RANSOM, in 1995, he has continued to sell stories in the action, sci-fi/fantasy and family arena to most of the major studios.  But his proudest accomplishment came in 2009, when he wrote and directed the award winning feature, “urFRENZ,” crewed entirely by Chapman film students.

“I know how lucky I have been to succeed in the industry,” Phillips says. “Teaching is a way for me to both pass on the knowledge that I’ve acquired and to acknowledge the help that I’ve received from my professors and peers.  But I’ve learned a great deal from my students, who continue to inspire me. Perhaps more than ever, teachers and students need to be on the same page… or more appropriately, the same screen.”