» Dr. Gabriele Camera
Professor, Research Faculty

Economic Science Institute
The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics
Dr. Gabriele Camera
University of Urbino, Bachelor of Science
Miami University, Master of Arts
University of Iowa, Ph.D.
Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
Camera, G., and M. Casari (2014). The coordination value of monetary exchange: experimental evidence. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 6(1), 290-314.
Camera, G., and A. Gioffrè (2014). A tractable analysis of contagious equilibria. Journal of Mathematical Economics, 50, 290-300.
Kim, J. and G. Camera (2014). Uniqueness of equilibrium in directed search models. Journal of Economic Theory 151, 248-267.
Camera, G., and A. Gioffrè (2014). Game-theoretic foundations of monetary equilibrium. Journal of Monetary Economics 63, 51-63.
Camera, G., and J. Kim (2013). Buyer's Equilibrium with Capacity Constraints and Restricted Mobility: a Recursive Approach. Economics Letters, 118, 321–323.
Camera, G., M. Casari, and M. Bigoni (2013). Binding promises and cooperation among strangers. Economics Letters, 118, 459-461.
Bigoni, M., G. Camera, G., and M. Casari (2013). Strategies of cooperation and punishment among students and clerical workers. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.
Camera, G., M. Casari, and M. Bigoni (2013). Experimental Markets with Frictions. Journal of Economic Surveys, 27 (3), 536–553.
G. Camera, M. Casari, M. Bigoni (2013). Money and trust among strangers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1301888110
Camera, G., M. Casari, and M. Bigoni (2012). Cooperative strategies in anonymous economies: an experiment. Games and Economic Behavior, 75, 570–586