» Dr. Ekaterina Karniouchina
Assistant Professor

George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics
Economic Science Institute
Dr. Ekaterina Karniouchina
University of Utah, Bachelor of Arts in Finance
University of Utah, Master of Business Administration
University of Utah, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Marketing, Ph.D., University of Utah. Dr. Karniouchina's research concentrates on interdisciplinary issues, in particular she aims to improve managerial decision making by synthesizing insights from marketing, finance and strategy domains. Her research has been published or accepted for publication in various academic journals such as the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Marketing Letters, and the European Journal of Operational Research. She is currently working on several projects related to the motion pictures industry.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
Karniouchina, Ekaterina, Can Uslay and Grigori Erenburg (2011), “Do Marketing Media Have Lifecycles? The Case of Product Placement in Movies,” Journal of Marketing, 75(3), 27-48.
Karniouchina, Ekaterina (2011), “Impact of Star and Movie Buzz on Motion Picture Distribution and Box Office Revenue,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 28(1), 62-74.
Karniouchina, Ekaterina (2011), “Are Virtual Stock Markets Efficient Predictors of New Product Success? The Case of the Hollywood Stock Exchange,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 28(4), 470-484.
"Sport Related Subculture as a Useful Basis of Market Segmentation: Insights for Ski Area Managers" in Consumer Behavior Knowledge for Effective Sports Marketing, ROUTLEDGE / PSYCHOLOGY PRESS. (2010) Author(s): Debbie Scammon, Dan Fuller, Ekaterina Karniouchina, and Tamara Masters Co-Editor(s): Lynn R. Kahle and Angeline Close
Karniouchina, Ekaterina, William L. Moore, Debra L. Scammon and Dan Fuller (2009), “Exploring the Effectiveness of Public Lender Foreclosure Auctions as a Real Estate Disposition Channel,” Proceeding of 2009 Marketing and Public Policy Conference.
Karniouchina, Ekaterina, William L. Moore and Kevin Cooney (2009), “Impact of Mad Money Stock Recommendations: Merging Financial and Marketing Perspectives,” Journal of Marketing, 73(6), 244-266.
Karniouchina, Ekaterina V., William L. Moore, Bo Van der Rhee, and Rohit Verma (2009), “Issues in the Use of Ratings-Based Versus Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis in Operations Management Research,” European Journal of Operational Research, 197 (1), 340-348.
Victorino, Liana, Ekaterina Karniouchina and Rohit Verma (2009), “Exploring the Use of the Abbreviated Technology Readiness Index for Hotel Customer Segmentation,” forthcoming, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 50(3), 342-359.
Karniouchina, Ekaterina, Mishra, Himanshu and Rohit Verma (2008), “Exploring Consumer Reactions to Tipping Guidelines: Implications for Service Quality,” Cornell Hospitality Report, 8(8), 4-16.
Karniouchina, Ekaterina V., William L. Moore and Kevin J. Cooney (2008), “Consumer Response to TV Stock Recommendations: Merging Financial and Marketing Perspectives,” Marketing Science Institute special report [08-206].