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Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Department of English
Doug Sweet
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DeMille Hall 133
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Mon/Wed 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
(714) 744-7060
Oregon State University, Bachelor of Science
Oregon State University, Master of Arts in English

M.A., Oregon State University

Doug Sweet is Director of Undergraduate Writing. His published articles focus on epistemology, rhetorical theory and academic labor. Professor Sweet is co-author, with Jeanne Gunner, of Grounds for Writers (Pearson 2008) and author of Contexts & Choices: a guide to practical writing (Kendall-Hunt 2012). His research interests of examining ideological literacies in El Salvador resulted in a documentary film, Futuro en Comunidad (2006).  Professor Sweet has been the recipient of several outstanding teaching awards in his career and contributes frequently to national and international conferences in his field.

Recent Publications:

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Chapter: "Released from the Ghosts of Platonic Idealism" (2012)  


Forum in Identity

Forum in Identity: College English. March, 2011.

Context and Choices
Contexts & Choices: A Guide to Practical Writing. Kendall-Hunt Publishing 2011.

Grounds for Writers
Grounds for Writers: Critical Perspectives in Reading, co-authored with Jeanne Gunner; Pearson, 2008.

Blinded by the Enlightenment

"Blinded by the Enlightenment" in Learning to Argue in Higher Education. Ed. Sally Mitchell and Richard Andrews. Heinemann, 2000.

When Language is Just Another Commodity
"When Language is Just Another Commodity" in Rhetoric, the Polis, and the Global Village. Ed. C. Jan Swearingen. Erlbaum, 1999.

Futuro En Comunidad
Futuro En Comunidad, a 41 minute documentary that traces the development of cooperative communities at the sites of civil war massacres in El Salvador.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
Contexts & Choices: A Guide to Practical Writing. Kendall-Hunt.
"Released from the Bondage of Platonic Idealism." In WPA Outcomes Statement--A Decade Later. Eds. Nicholas Behn, Gregory Glau, Deborah Holdstein, and Duane Roen. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press, 2012. Print.
College English. March 2011. Selected scholar for Special Issue of journal.