» Dr. Donald L. Gabard

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences; Department of Physical Therapy
Dr. Donald L. Gabard
Office Location:
Rinker Health Science Campus 270
(714) 744-7625
Guilford College, Bachelor of Arts
University of Southern California, Master Public Administration
University of Southern California, Master of Science
University of Southern California, Ph.D. in Physical Therapy
Licensure Information / Registration Number:
Certification of registration as a Physical Therapist (1977), State of California, License - PT 007932

Peer Reviewed Publications
Gabard, D. & Martin, M. Physical Therapy Ethics, 2nd edition, Philadelphia; F.A. Davis Company; 2011.
Gabard, D. A Teachers Supplemental Text for Physical Therapy Ethics, 2nd edition. Philadelphia; F.A. Davis
Company; 2011.

Research Activity
Scholarship of Discovery: In Process
Empathy and Willingness to Serve the Medially Indigent: this study uses two established instruments with excellent research characteristics to measure both cross-sectional and longitudinal changes in students in the following professions: Physical Therapy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Law. In each of these professions I have a co-investigator in that profession. My co-investigator for all studies is Dr. Sonia Crandall at Wake Forest University who originated the standardized instrument, which measures willingness to serve the medially indigent. The goal is to document student changes within each profession and between professions. While the research topics of each instrument are of primary interest, the strong correlations with clinical competency make the studies of even great interest. The longitudinal study in Physical Therapy ended in 2010 and is in queue for publication of the cross-sectional analysis and includes Duke University, Mount Saint Mary’s College, University of Colorado, University of Nebraska, Washington University and Chapman University. The longitudinal studies in all other professions ended in 2011 and analysis is underway. The data analysis of the matched pairs in physical therapy
is complete and we are preparing the manuscript for publication.

PT 670   Cultural Diversity and Psychology in Health Care

PT 671   Physical Therapy Ethics

PT 771   Responsible Leadership and Administration

PT 782   Applied Administration


Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
Gabard, DL, Lowe DL. Student experiences of ethical and legal violations in clinical workplace training. INTED 2014 Proceedings. Available through Google Scholar and ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index .ISBN: 978-84-616-8412-0. Presented in Valencia Spain 2014.
Gabard DL. et al. Empathy scores of doctor of physical therapy students in the United States. Association for Medical Education in Europe. AMEE 2014 Excellence in Education, The 21st Century Teacher. Proceedings to be published in September 2014. Abstract, poster and oral presentation to be presented in Milan Italy, September 2014.
Lowe DL, Gabard DL. Physical Therapy student experiences with ethical and legal violations during clinical rotations: reporting and barriers to reporting. J Phys Ther Edu 2014: 28(3): 98-111.
Gabard, DL. et al. Analysis of Empathy in Doctor of Physical Therapy Students: A Multisite Study. J Allied Health 2013:42(1):10-16.
Gabard, DL, Lowe DL, Chang J. Current and future instructional methods and influencing factors in anatomy instruction in physical therapy and medical schools in the U.S. J Allied Health 2012; 41(2): 53-62.
Gabard, D. & Martin M. (2011). Physical Therapy Ethics, 2nd Edition, Philadelpiha, PA: F.A.Davis Company, 2011
Gabard, D. A Teachers Supplemental Text for Physical Therapy Ethics, 2nd edition. Philadelphia; F.A. Davis Company; 2011.