» David Kost
Assistant Professor

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
David Kost
Office Location:
Marion Knott Studios 273 A
(714) 628-7366
Freshman Foundations Program
California State University, Long Beach, Bachelor of Arts
New York University, Master of Fine Arts in Film Production
Some people love watching movies.  Some love making them.  Dave Kost loves both.  And he brings a combination of theoretical understanding and practical knowledge to the classroom.  He knows what makes a film work for an audience whether it's a big-budget feature or a student short, and he also knows exactly what it takes to go out and make either.

In the graduate program at New York University, Kost learned the importance of storytelling and creative vision.  He also came to realize that resourcefulness is more important than resources.  Since then he has worked professionally in almost every capacity on film and video productions of all sizes—from camera to lighting, production, sound, editing, and writing.

Kost has proven his understanding of the production/storytelling process over and over again with his award-winning short films which have been screened at festivals and distributed on television all around the world.  If you watch Sundance, Bravo, IFC, Showtime, or the Sci-Fi Channel, you may have already seen some.

Kost loves teaching and mentoring and brings his all-around knowledge to both.  He knows the way for students to make great short films is to look at the big picture.  That means telling involved stories with a unique creative vision and strong technical execution, a winning combination, as David Kost surely knows.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
"The Book of Sides: Original Short Scenes for Directors and Actors" is a collection of scenes unlike any currently available and can improve the structure of directing and acting classes.
Served as cinematography as well as Post-production advisor on "Ivanna Chubbuck: The Power of the Actor", a documentary profile about Ivanna Chubbuck, arguably Hollywood's most successful acting coach. Among many other clients, she coached Halle Barry to an Oscar in “Monster’s Ball” and Charlize Theron to an Oscar in “Monster”.
The short film I wrote, directed, and produced ,“4.0” previewed at the University Film and Video Association conference in Chicago, it will make it's festival premiere at the Silent River Film Festival in October of 2013.
Screened a restored version of the short film "SId and Mel" at several film festivals around the world
After expanding distribution of my instructional video, Safety On Set internationally, the agreement was expanded again to include online streaming and downloading. The video is distributed by First Light Video Publishing (the largest publisher of instructional video for the film and video field)