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Professor, President of Chapman University

Schmid College of Science and Technology; Mathematics and Computer Science
Dr. Daniele Struppa
University Honors Program
The University of Milan, Laurea
University of Maryland College Park, Ph.D.
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Daniele C. Struppa, Ph.D. is the thirteenth president of Chapman University, effective September 1, 2016. Previously, Dr. Struppa held the position of Chancellor at Chapman University for the last nine years.

Dr. Struppa joined Chapman University in 2006 as provost, responsible for creating and implementing academic priorities for the University and for the allocation of resources to support those priorities. In 2007, with the addition of further leadership responsibilities, he was appointed as Chapman’s first chancellor.

He came to Chapman University from George Mason University, where he served as director of the Center for the Applications of Mathematics, as chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and as associate dean for graduate studies. In 1997, he was selected dean of George Mason’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Prior to his tenure at George Mason, Dr. Struppa held positions at the University of Milano (Milan, Italy), the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa, Italy) and the University of Calabria (Calabria, Italy).

Dr. Struppa earned his laurea in mathematics from the University of Milan, Italy in 1977, and received his doctorate degree in mathematics from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 1981. In recognition of his work, he has been awarded the Bartolozzi Prize from the Italian Mathematical Union (1981), and the Matsumae Medal from the Matsumae International Foundation of Tokyo (1987).

In 2006, the BIO-IT Coalition (a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., and dedicated to the support of bioinformatics) established a new prize in Dr. Struppa’s honor – the “Professor Daniele Struppa Award” – which is designed to honor high school teachers in math, science and technology.

Dr. Struppa is the author of more than 200 refereed publications, and he is the editor of several volumes. He has edited or co-authored more than ten books, including Bicomplex Holomorphic Functions (2015), Regular Functions of a Quaternionic Variable (2013), Noncommutative Functional Calculus: Theory and Applications of Slice Hyperholomorphic Functions (2011), Analysis of Dirac Systems and Computational Algebra (2004), Fundamentals of Algebraic Microlocal Analysis (1999), and The Fundamental Principle for Systems of Convolution Equations (1983).

While serving as chancellor, Dr. Struppa continued his scholarly research focusing on Fourier analysis and its applications to a variety of problems including the algebraic analysis of systems of differential equations, signal processing and pattern recognition. Some of his recent work applies these ideas and methods to problems ranging from denoising to bio-contaminant protection to proteomics of cancerous cells.

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