» Claudine Jaenichen
Associate Professor, Life Research Fellow for Communication Research Institute, Wayfinding for Disaster Planning

Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of Art
Claudine Jaenichen
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M: 9am-12:30pm T: 9am-4pm W & Thurs: 9am-noon
(714) 744-7034
California Institute of the Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts
University of Reading, Master of Arts

Professor Jaenichen is an information designer specializing in the relationship between design and cognition. Her recent work in applied design research serves a precise communicative role for, or in, cognitive demanding events. Advocating inclusivity through design is central in pursuing design research for evacuation information and projects that address public information. She prioritizes participatory design methods and the importance of benchmarking as methods to measure the success of a project and how it communicates to its intended audience. She is an Associate Research Fellow for Communication Research Institute, a member of the International Institute of Information Design and American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). Both her practical design work, as well as her research work, has been included in information design, social sciences, graphic design and psychology national and international publications.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
Santa Barbara Emergency Management Department. Design guidelines developed from my research in evacuation communication is being implemented by Santa Barbara, CA towards a county-wide public education information campaign. 2011-2012
Understanding of Cognitive Recall in Informational and Instructional Evacuation Information. Acting as principal investigator in collaboration with co-principal investigator, Dr. Stephen Schandler—the Director of Cognitive Psycho-physiology Laboratories, Professor of Psychology—and students from the graphic design and psychology program. This study addresses cognitive studies in visual and information recall performance of evacuation material and currently applied in Santa Barbara, followed by Huntington Beach.
Tabula Poetica / TAB: Journal of Poetry & Poetica. Creative Director. Online and print publication for a national (and international) journal of creative and critical writing. TAB publishes the finest contemporary poetry and criticism about poetry; provides a forum in which the poetic tradition is practiced, extended, challenged, and discussed by emerging and established voices; encourages wide appreciation of poetry and expand the audience for poetry and criticism. Executive Editor is Anna Leahy.
“Medicine information and packaging design initiated in an undergraduate graphic design curriculum” published in the Information Design Journal. 2011
"Taxonomy of semiotics and visualization in evacuation material: improving city evacuation instructions" published in Parsons Institute for Information Mapping. 2011
Nominated and promoted by the Board of Governors from Associate Research Fellow to Life Research Fellow for Communication Research Institute. 2011
Chair of the International IIID Awards in Healthcare and Design. 2011
Jaenichen, C. 2011. Santa Barbara Tsunami Evacuation Information Project, shortlisted for the International Institute of Information Design (IIID) Awards. Published in IIID Award Book, Axis Magazine (Japan) and the Information Design Journal (UK)
“Failure, Empathy and Information Design.” Lofty Ambitions: Aviation, Science, and Writing. Posted December 6, 2010 (retrieved on June 29, 2011) at http://loftyambitions.wordpress.com
Exhibit committee for "A Class Action: Mendez V. Westminister and the Grassroots Struggle for School Desegregation" at the Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles. 2010
"From evacuation orders to evacuation instructions: Assessing public evacuation documents." Published in Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal. 2010
Creative work published in Visual Language for Designers: Principles for Creating Graphics That People Understand by Ina Connie Malamed, Rockport. 2009
Curator for VISUAL URGENCY: VISIBLE PERSPECTIVES OF SOCIETAL CRISIS at Chapman University's Guggenheim Gallery. Visual Urgency explores an unexpected aesthetic, considers multiple uses of materials and examines a visual taxonomy derived from an emotive response initiated by some level of environmental, cultural or societal crisis. Converging a diversity of disciplines and body of work that would not otherwise be seen together, Visual Urgency attempts to connect commonalities rather than differences in the work of designers, photographers, artists, architects, physicians and engineers. 2009
Key administrator for DD4ME—DATA DESIGNED FOR DECISIONS: ENHANCING SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRESS. KEY ADMINISTRATOR FOR DEVELOPING, COORDINATING AND WRITING INTERNATIONAL STUDENT PROJECT INITIATIVE. The project was sponsored by the International Institute of Information Design (IIID) and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Universities, including Carnegie Mellon, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, submitted design explorations questioning how statistical data enters our lives. The discussion and outcomes will be published and provided at the third World Forum on “Charting Progress, Building Visions, Improving Life” to be held in Busan, Korea on 27-30 October 2009. The European Commission, the World Bank and the United Nations development program are just some of the organizations who are collaborating with the OECD on this truly global work. 2009
Paper published in The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. 2009
“The Taxonomy of Urgent Wayfinding: Assessing Graphic Variables, Components and Rules of Legibility in City Evacuation Maps” published in Journal of Applied Global Research. 2009
Associate editor for Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal. 2009
"Chino Creek Wetlands Educational Park Project", creative work published in Graphic Design USA Design Annual. Client: Inland Empire Utilities Agency. In collaboration with public artist, Richard Turner, architectural elements and signage for a 22-acre park were designed, produced and installed. Water quality, flood control, environmental restoration, urban development, recreation and water conservation were some of the park’s locational themes. The art/architecture program for the park was an expression of the agency’s desire to employ recycled materials in an educational, engaging and imaginative campaign. 2008
“The Taxonomy of Urgent Wayfinding: Assessing Graphic Variables, Components and Rules of Legibility in City Evacuation Maps” published in Applications of Information Design, Sweden. 2008
Associate Research Fellow for the Communication Research Institute (CRI). Perform research and benchmarking activities in assessing or creating performance-based documents within regulatory guidelines. Includes investigating organizational and social practices which affect communication quality. As an independent research team, Institute Fellows undertake the final decisions on the conduct of studies and the analysis of the results. These are member-commissioned reports which analyze data from the reports and provide specialist advice on how to improve areas of design and communication. 2006-2011