» Dr. Brice Corgnet
Assistant Professor

Economic Science Institute
The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics
Dr. Brice Corgnet
Office Location:
Beckman Hall 307G
(714) 744-7859
University of Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV, Bachelor of Science
The University of Birmingham, Master of Science
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Finance. Dr. Corgnet investigates questions related to Market Efficiency and Behavioral Finance. He is also developing a computer software for the realization of research experiments as well as for teaching in disciplines ranging from Corporate Finance to Organizational Economics. Recently, Dr. Corgnet has published in international journals including Journal of Economic Behavior and Organizations, Economic Inquiry and Journal of Economic and Management Strategy.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
“The Effect of Earned vs. House Money on Price Bubble Formation in Experimental Asset Markets,” (2015) Review of Finance, 19(4) (with R. Hernan, P. Kujal and D. Porter).
“Goal Setting and Monetary Incentives: When Large Stakes Are Not Enough,” (2015). Management Science, In Press Published Online: March 13, 2015 (with J. Gomez and R. Hernan).
“Why Real Leisure Really Matters: Incentive Effects on Real Effort in the Laboratory”, (2015) Experimental Economics (18) 2, 284-301 (with R. Hernan and E. Schniter).
“Firing Threats and Tenure in Virtual Organizations: Incentives Effects and Impression Management” (2015). Games and Economic Behavior (91), 97–113 (with R. Hernan and S. Rassenti).
“Surf’s Up: Reducing Internet Abuse Without Demotivating Employees” (2014) Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, (1) 13761 (with B. Gunia and R. Hernan).
“Ambiguity in Experimental Asset Markets with Bubbles” (2013) (with P. Kujal and D. Porter), Economic Journal, (6) 699-737.
“Are a You Good Worker or Simply a Good Guy: Contract design and Influence Costs” (2013) (with I. Rodriguez), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (92) 259-272.
“Peer Evaluations in Teams: When Friends Do Worse Than Strangers” Economic Inquiry, vol 50 (1), 171-181, 2012.
"My teammate, myself and I: Experimental evidence on equity and equality norms" (with Angela Sutan and Robert Veszteg), Journal of Socio-Economics vol 40 (4), pages 347-355, 2011.
- Brice Corgnet & Roberto Hernán-González, 2011. "Don't Ask Me If You Will Not Listen: The Dilemma of Participative Decision Making," accepted for publication Management Science.
- Brice Corgnet & Roberto Hernán-González & Stephen Rassenti, 2011. "Real Effort, Real Leisure and Real-time Supervision: Incentives and Peer Pressure in Virtual Organizations," Working Papers 11-05, Chapman University, Economic Science Institute.
“Team Formation and Self-serving Biases” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, vol 20 (1), 117-135, 2010.
“The effect of reliability, content and timing of public announcements on asset trading behavior” (with Praveen Kujal and David Porter) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol 76, (2), 254-266, 2010.
"Mon équipe et moi: une expérience sur les normes d'équité et égalité" (with Angela Sutan and Robert Veszteg), Revue Economique, vol 61 (4), 771-782, 2010.
“Did I do That? Group Positioning and Asymmetric Attributional Bias” (with Brian Gunia, Northwestern Business School), Negotiation Conflict and Management Research, vol 3 (4), 358-378, 2010. Press release: Human Resource Executive, KLTV News.