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Adjunct Faculty

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Bettina Gilois
Barnard College, Columbia University, Bachelor of Arts in Art History

Bettina Gilois is an award winning screenwriter and author who has been writing in Hollywood for over twenty years. Her screen credits include GLORY ROAD and FIRE BIRDS as well as un-credited writing on THE HURRICANE and THE MISTS OF AVALON. Her awards and nominations for Best Screenplay include The Humanitas Prize, the Movieguide Libertas Award, and the Black Reel Awards, as well as the ESPY Award. She currently has films in development with Christian Bale, Dark Horse Entertainment, Anonymous Content, Paloma Productions, and Lee Iaccoca.

Gilois first began working as an assistant to the director of LIQUID SKY, Slava Tsukerman, in her native Berlin, as well as working at Andy Warhol's Factory in New York on the television series "Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes." She subsequently joined Keith Barish and Arnold Kopelson productions as a development executive, which led to her producing credits on "Fire Birds" and "Triple Bogey On A Par Five Hole". 

She began her writing career working with Joel Silver Productions, followed with many projects at Warner Brothers. In the last twenty years she has worked with notable producers, directors, and actors, such as Jerry Bruckheimer, Joel Surnow, Norman Jewison, Joel Silver, Michael Mann, Dick and Lili Zanuck, Jeffrey Katzenberg, William Friedkin, Robert Zemeckis, Nick Nolte, James Coburn, Michael Douglas, Queen Latifah, Nicolas Cage, and Robert DeNiro. 

Her books include "Mi Vida Loca: The Crazy Life of Johnny Tapia" as well as "Bleeding Beverly" which she is currently writing for Simon and Schuster, about the recent fight to appoint the first African American principal to Beverly Hills High School. The book has been optioned to be made into a film. 

Gilois' interest in the arts was synthesized in her life's dedication to film and screenwriting. She has also written journalistically about film, art and art history, and worked on set in the music and art departments of numerous film and television productions.

She teaches graduate and undergraduate screenwriting at Chapman University with her most professional piece of advice being: "Never ignore a note."