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Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Andrew Erish

Dodge College Course: Evolution Narrative Film I
Industry Affiliations: Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Andy Erish’s career spans various facets of film and television production for the last 30 years including time as a guest lecturer at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center since 1998. He also authored Col. William N. Selig: The Man Who Invented Hollywood, which was recently accepted for publication by the University of Texas Press.

A passionate and dedicated teacher, Erish loves “exposing students to the masterpieces from film history and seeing how these inspire their work”. He strongly believes that films of the past should influence and shape the filmmakers of tomorrow and pushes his students to actively watch all kinds of films, including contemporary, classic, and foreign films. “I long for a return of quality in cinema that's been missing for thirty years,” he says. “Chapman's students are our hope.”