» Dr. Amy E. Hanson
Associate Professor

The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics
Dr. Amy E. Hanson
Office Location:
Beckman Hall 307J
(714) 628-7312
University of Florida, Bachelor of Arts
New York Institute of Technology, Master of Business Administration
New York University, Ph.D. in Management

Associate Professor of Management. Dr. Hurley-Hanson received her doctorate in management from the Stern School of Business at New York University. Dr. Hurley-Hanson's principal areas of research are executive succession and the application of behavioral decision theory to strategic aspects of career mobility.

Ph.D., New York University

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
A New Entrepreneurial Career Model Based on the Life and Career Decisions of Steve Jobs, Western Decision Science Institute Annual Meeting, April 2014, with C.M. Giannantonio & R. Sudek.
Hurley-Hanson, A.E., Giannantonio, C.M. & Sudek, R. (2013). A Model of High-Tech Entrepreneurial Careers: The Life and Career of Steve Jobs, The Journal of Business Leadership, 87-102.
Editor-Journal of Business and Management
The Role of Image Norms in Person-Job Fit: The Applicant’s Perspective, Western Decision Science Institute Annual Meeting, HI, April 2012, with C.M. Giannantonio.
Steve Jobs: Stages and Phases of his Entrepreneurial Career Model, Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International, HI, November 2012 with C.M. Giannantonio, and R. Sudek.
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