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Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Department of English
Alicia Kozameh
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University of Buenos Aires, Master of Arts
Alicia Kozameh, Argentine author and former political prisoner during the last military dictatorship in her country, is the author of the novels Pasos bajo el agua (published in Spanish, then in English by UCPress as Steps Under Water, also published in German and already translated into Portuguese), a fictionalized account of her experience in prison; 259 saltos, uno inmortal (published in Spanish, then in English by Wings Press as 259 Leaps, the Last Immortal), inspired by her life as a political exile; Patas de avestruz (published first in German, then in Spanish, and already translated into English), Basse danse (published in Spanish); Natatio aeterna (forthcoming in Spanish in 2011); Eni Furtado no ha dejado de correr, currently being revised.

From the collection of short stories Ofrenda de propia piel, several stories have been widely anthologized in different languages. The book of poetry Mano en vuelo (Hand in Flight) was published in 2008. She is also the editor of two anthologies: Caleidoscopio, la mujer en la mira, and Caleidoscopio 2, inmigrantes en la mira. In collaboration with another four ex-political prisoners she wrote the testimonial book Nosotras, presas politicas, that includes the testimonial accounts of more than one hundred women from the same prison, published in Spanish and Italian.

Among other literary awards, she has been granted the Crisis International Award for best short story, and the Memoria historica de las mujeres en America Latina y el Caribe, 2000.

About her writing there are many published critical works and assays, some of them included in the collection Escribir una generacion: la palabra de Alicia Kozameh. She has begun a novel that deals with the deterioration of the personality of some people who have gone through physical and emotional torture and mistreatment. After having taught at several institutions, she currently teaches Creative Writing -among other courses- at Chapman University, Orange, California.
Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
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