»Interterm 2015 Travel Courses

Interterm 2015 Travel Courses are now open!  The Interterm 2015 Travel Course deposits and enrollment forms are accepted on a rolling basis until October 24, 2014 (deadline exceptions are listed below). To apply, visit the Application Process page and you will be directed to the Global Gateway.


A cost range will be given for each Travel Cost. The final cost of the Travel Course will be determined by the number of participants enrolled. ** The Cost Range does NOT include any tuition costs. The most current interterm tuition costs can be found through the Business Office. For undergraduate students with full-time status in the preceding fall and full-time status in the following spring, tuition costs may not apply. Graduate students must check with their program for tuition costs.

+-Interterm 2015 Travel Course Listings

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Dates Course Section Faculty Contact
Cost Range Status
Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


**Spring Break

BUS 486: Building Across Cultures Noel Murray


Closed - Full
Cuzco & Lima, Peru; Panama City, Panama


BUS 686: Building Cross-Cultural Competencies Noel Murray $3,804-$4,184 Open
Quito, Ecuador

Required Class Dates: Jan 5, 6, 7, 29, 30 2015.

Travel  Dates: 1/8/15-1/19/15  

ENV 227: Darwin and the Galapagos         
Fred Caporaso $5,492 Closed - Full
New York, New York, USA


FIN 400 A Walk Down Wall Street

Terry Burnham $2,000-$2,201 Open
Palo Alto, CA, USA



FIN 496/MGMT 495: Dynamics of Funding Innovation, An Insider's View of Silicon Valley

Carolyn Stephens $1,788-$1,967 Open
London, United Kingdom; Paris, France 1/07/15 - 1/28/15 HIS 346I/FREN 353C: A Tale of Two Cities Lee Estes, John Boitano $3,058-$3,363 Closed - Full
Munich, Germany 1/4/15 - 1/24/15 GER 101, 102, 201, 399: German in January Heather Ter-Jung, Karen Gallagher $2,727-$3,000 Open
Florence, Italy 1/3/15 - 1/24/15 IES 444/ EDUC 644: Aesthetics & Learning Florence Penny Bryan $4,582 - $5,040 Closed - Full
New Orleans, LA, USA 1/10/15-1/19/15 LEAD 485 Leadership Through the Eye of the Storm Chris Hutchison, Justin Koppelman $1,580-$1,738 Open
New Orleans, LA, USA
1/16/15 - 1/24/15 REL 330A: Women and Religion: Voodoo in Context
Julye Bidmead  $1,666-$1,832 Closed - Full
Havana, Cuba 1/19/15 - 1/26/15 SCC 329: Strategic Communications in Communist Cuba Michael Ross, Lisa Sparks $5,447-$5992 Open
Red Feather Lakes, CO, United States 1/21/15 - 1/31/15 SOC 326: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Madness Barney McGrane $1,510-$1,661 Open
Havana, Cuba 12/29/14-1/12/1 SOC 395, IS 529: Topics in Sociology, Social Change in Cuba
 Victoria Carty $4,130-$4,543 Open
New York, New York, USA 1/5/15-1/20/15 TH 352: New York Theatre Study Tour Tamiko Washington $4,739-$5,213
Closed - Full
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