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The Master of Medical Sciences (MMS) Physician Assistant Studies Program curriculum is a 24 month, full-time, year-round cohort model.

The proposed curriculum is divided into:

  • 12 Months - Didactic
  • 12 Months - Clinical

Please view our Program Overview for additional information.

+-Proposed Curriculum Outline

Trimester I

Trimester II

Trimester III

Didactic Year

PA Professional I PA Professional II PA Professional III
Human Anatomy with Lab Cardiology Clinical Skills
Foundations of Clinical Medicine Pulmonology Genitourinary
Genetics Gastroenterology Neurology
History & Physical Diagnosis Dermatology & EENT Orthopaedics
Evidence Based Medicine Endocrinology Women's Health
Inter-Professional Education Hematology Infectious Disease & Immunology
Nephrology Pediatrics & Geriatrics
Mental & Behavioral Health Fundamentals of Surgery
Emergency Medicine
Research Design & Implementation

Clinical Year

Capstone I Capstone II Capstone III
Clinical Rotation I Clinical Rotation IV Clinical Rotation VII
Clinical Rotation II Clinical Rotation V Clinical Rotation VIII
Clinical Rotation III Clinical Rotation VI Clinical Rotation IX

+-Cohort Profile

Cohort Profile to be reported after first cohort is accepted.

+-Student Outcomes

The National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) Physician Assistant National Certification Examination (PANCE) will be taken by the first cohort of PA students in the Spring of 2019. 

Performance data including the NCCPA PANCE pass rate summary report listing PANCE rates for the first most recent graduating classes, as well as graduation rates, job placement rates, and attrition rates will be posted here.

+-CU B.S. Bridge

MMS-PA/B.S Bridge

This program guarantees excellent undergraduate Health Science students from Chapman University a seat in the Master of Medical Science PA Studies Program contingent that they satisfactorily meet the following criteria:

  • B.S. in Health Sciences core courses (BIOL 204, HESC/BIOL 210, HESC/BIOL 365, HESC/BIOL 366, CHEM 140, CHEM 150, PHYS 107, PHYS 108, and PSY 203 or courses determined by the Director of Undergraduate Health Sciences Program and Post Bachelor Program to fulfill the major course requirements):
  • Must be taken at Chapman University or at a science transfer agreement program*
  • May only be taken once
  • Must be taken for a letter grade
  • Health Science core courses be completed by the end of the spring semester junior year
  • GPA > 3.6 in Health Science core courses
  • Meet the Technical Standards
  • Interview in senior year
  • 50 physician assistant observational/experience hours are completed and documented. Observational experiences to be arranged by the student. Program will not arrange nor recommend observational sites
  • All B.S. Health Science degree requirements are completed and degree bestowed by the University in any term their senior year  
  • Personal statement: 350-500 words, 12 Font, Times New Roman describing how your personal goals are in line with the mission of the program and on how those goals will contribute the community and to the profession.                            
  • Cumulative GPA at graduation > 3.4
  • Successful completion of background check.
  • A formal declaration through the Office of the University Registrar as a pre-PA major during the sophomore year, and for students enrolled in the Health Science post bachelor program, at time of enrollment into the Post Bachelor program

     * A science transfer agreement program is a formal agreement between Chapman University and a partner community college


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