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» MA in Leadership Development Scholarship

New MLD students are eligible for an award of $1,000 - $2,500 for the 2016-17 academic year if you begin the MLD program either in the fall 16 or spring 17 semesters.  This is referred to as the MLD promise award or sometimes referred to as a Dean’s Fellowship. It generally is split over consecutive semesters unless otherwise requested by you, the student.  It is only a one-time award.  To be eligible you must:


  1. Have a current FAFSA form on file with the financial aid office.
  2. Complete a one-page, double-spaced, word-processed statement describing your financial need and how the fellowship would facilitate your studies in the College of Educational Studies.
  3. Attach the statement to this document.
  4. Enter the appropriate information below.
  5. Present this document and the statement to Michelle Samura, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, by emailing
  6. Enroll and maintain enrollment in a minimum of two courses during your initial semester;


 Complete form & contact Dr. Penny Bryan for scholarship procedures at: or 714-744-7658.
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Other Available Fellowships

Dean's Fellowship Awards (amount awarded varies)
Please see the CES Scholarship Page for more information.

*These fellowship awards are available to all CES students who demonstrate a significant financial need.
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