»Dissertations by CES Ph.D. Students

The Ph.D. program culminates in the completion and defense of a research based dissertation that makes a contribution to the field of study and ensures that the student becomes a steward of the discipline and a public intellectual.

+-2013 Graduates

Dr. Kellie Albrecht. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Kimberly White-Smith
Title: Beyond Bonded Voices: A Qualitative Study with Adult Monozygotic (Identical) Twins

Dr. Veronica Bloomfield. Dissertation Chairs: Dr. Penny Bryan & Dr. Suzanne SooHoo   
Title: Personal and familial performances of whiteness

Dr. Francis Dizion. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Kelly Kennedy   
Title: School Psychologists’ Reported Perspectives on the Larry P. Ban and Related Practices

Dr. Marni Fisher. Dissertation Chairs: Dr. Penny Bryan & Dr. Suzanne SooHoo
Title: Here There Be Dragons: The Development of Prism Theory and Prismatic Inquiry

Dr. Andrew Granite. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Phil Ferguson
Title: Run whatcha brung: A phenomenological study of the gender construction of men with intellectual disabilities

Dr. Amy Hanreddy. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dianne Ferguson  
Title: Forced Choices and Limited Options: Parent Perspectives on High School for their Children with Significant Disabilities

Dr. Sarai Koo. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Randy Busse
Title: College Access Program Evaluation on College Attendance Rate, Intrinsic Motivation, and Community Connectedness of At-Risk and Minority Youth

Dr. Ryan McGill. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Randy Busse
Title: Beyond g: Assessing the Incremental Validity of Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) Broad Ability Factors on the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Abilities

Dr. Heather Mills. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Suzanne SooHoo 
Title: A Case Study of Teachers Navigating Between NCLB and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme in an Urban, Low-Income Public School

Dr. Victoria Morris. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Kimberly White-Smith
Title: Wingspan Beyond the Reservation: Native American Women Cultural Mediation Outside the Demarcation of Sovereignty

Dr. Cammie Nguyen.  Dissertation Chair: Dr. Kelly Kennedy
Title: Trends in Special Education Due Process Hearings Involving Students with Autism in the State of California

Dr. Debora Nodelman. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Suzanne SooHoo
Title: Making Space for Possibility:  Transformative Practice in an Elementary Visual Arts Studio

Dr. Kelly Rogers. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Lilia Monzo
Title: A Cross Generational, Narrative Study of Three Generations of Women: Money Management and the Ties to a Women-Owned Family Business

Dr. Michele Ramstetter. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Randy Busse
Title: On-campus prevention: How well school-based offerings predict the dropout rate at continuation high schools

Dr. Christopher Strople. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Penny Bryan & Dr. Suzanne SooHoo
Title: Grey: An Emergence of Postmodern Autoethnography

+-2012 Graduates

Dr. Shawna Draxton. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dianne Ferguson.
Title: The Impact of Student Voice on the Teacher's Approach to Pedagogy.

Dr. Darla Hagge. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Judy Montgomery
Title:  Partners of persons with aphasia: Communication Training Series and quality of life.

Dr. Joanne Murphy. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dawn Hunter
Title: Developing Self-Determination of High School Students with Disabilities to Foster College and Career Goal Setting.

Dr. Trisha Nishimura. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dawn Hunter
Title: Effects of Inclusive Professional Development on Teacher Attitudes towards Students with Disabilities.

Dr. Carlos Perez. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Lilia Monzo
Title: The Experiences of Immigrant Families from Mexico who speak Indigenous Languages: A Sociocultural and Postcolonial Perspective of Language, Culture, and Identity.

Dr. Kirstee Radley. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Philip Ferguson
Title: The Social Construction of Personhood: Family Perspectives on the Essence of People Identified as Significantly Disabled.

Dr. Jennifer Shubin. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dawn Hunter.
Title: High School Student Perceptions of their Labels and their Special Education Services.

Dr. Lawrence Taniform. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Philip Ferguson
Title: The Social Construction of Albinism in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Transformative Mixed Methods Study of Ghana and Tanzania.

+-2011 Graduates

Dr. Stephanie Brown. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dawn Hunter
Title: Transition to Preschool: Hearing the Voices of Families.

Dr. John Erratt. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Philip Ferguson
Title: Social Regularities Influencing International Policy on Special Education: A Post-Structuralist Policy Analysis.

Dr. Melanie Kamae. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dawn Hunter
Title: A Teacher's Perspective on Native Hawaiian Children: A Case Study of a Rural School.

Dr. Christy Neria. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Philip Ferguson
Title: Emerging Adults with Cochlear Implants: Their Experiences and Lifeworlds.

Dr. Alaine Ocampo. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Joel Colbert
Title: The Relationship of Collaboration and Job Satisfaction between Speech-Language Pathologists and School Psychologists.

Dr. Lila Samia. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Michael Hass
Title: Screening for Internalizing Problems in Middle School Students Utilizing a Positive Indicator of Mental Health.

Dr. Angela Viencek. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Philip Ferguson
Title: Autismo Families' Perspectives and Their Children with Autism

Dr. Melody Yi. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Randy Busse.
Title: Evaluation of Therapeutic Progress in At-Rish Youth in a Behavioral Day-Treatment School Program.

+-2010 Graduates

Dr. Stefani Boutelier. Dissertation Chairs: Dr. Penny Bryan and Dr. Anna Wilson
Title: Translated Identity: Multilingual Reality of Tween Identity Formation.

Dr. Jeanne Anne Carriere. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Michael Hass
Title: Teachers Perceived Effectiveness of Psychoeducational Report Writing Models.

Dr. Dina Eletreby. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Suzanne SooHoo
Title: Conversion Experiences of Three White American Muslim Males: Moving Towards Justice by the Decentering Power of Faith.
Read an abstract of Dr. Eletreby's dissertation.

Dr. Ndindi Kitonga. Dissertation Chairs: Dr. Suzanne SooHoo and Dr. Anna Wilson
Title: Postcolonial Construction of Self: Two Immigrant Secondary Science Teachers from Nigeria and Kenya Explore the Role of Cultural and Indigenous Beliefs in their Teaching.
Read an abstract of Dr. Kitonga's dissertation.

Dr. Colette Marie O’Bannion. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Anna Wilson
Title: Naughty or Not?: Exploring Controversial Content and Core Universal Themes in Contemporary Young Adult Literature.
Read an abstract of Dr. O'Bannion's dissertation.

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