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+ - IREX - Basic Education Program

The IREX Basic Education Program supports primary and secondary school teachers and administrators. This includes teacher training and curriculum development activities in Armenia, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. Along with its partners --- the Internet curriculum specialist iEARN, and the Tashkent Center for Public Education --- the program trains educators in effective use of the Internet and computer technology. An additional component of the program is an educator exchange.

+ - Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University's Bagwell College of Education in Kennesaw, Georgia has several International field experience opportunities. They regularly facilitate student teaching opportunities in other countries; has a very active faculty exchange program; regularly hosts, and sends faculty members to, international conferences and workshops; and seeks grants and private funding to support international initiatives.

+ - Language Link

Language Link assists learners of all ages, including high school students and teachers, to find Spanish immersion programs Spain and a number of Latin American countries. The site also has a number of Spanish learning tools and tests as well as travel resources.

+ - The Laurasian Institution

The Laurasian Institution sponsors travel and exchange programs and other contacts between high school students and teachers in the US, China and Japan with the goal of building greater mutual understanding of the cultures of the countries.

+ - Lexington Sister Cities Commission

The Lexington Sister Cities Commission creates opportunities for students and teachers at all levels to experience and participate in exchange programs with Lexington’s four Sister Cities: Deauville, France; County Kildare, Ireland; Shizundi, Japan; Newmarket, England. The Commission also participates in the Sister Cities International Art Contest. Students from 13-18 can enter by submitting a piece of art for a chance to win locally, and then compete in the international competition.

+ - Oregon International Council

The Oregon International Council, located at Willamette University in Portland, OR sponsors summer Seminars in Mexico for Spanish teachers, other workshops for teachers, and administrative support for foreign language and social studies teacher organizations. It annually produces the Oregon International Education Opportunities Directory.

+ - Pacific Village Institute

The Pacific Village Institute (PVI) creates collaborative, cross-cultural learning opportunities in Asia and the United States for high school students, college students and educators. These include semester programs open to high school seniors that include service learning, homestays, in-school learning, and independent study projects. In addition, Collaborative School Programs help U.S. high schools and colleges create global learning and service program that integrate classroom curricula, international immersion, and ongoing partnerships with schools and NGO’s in Asia.

+ - Program of Academic Exchange

The Program of Academic Exchange (PAX) is a non-profit educational foundation that promotes and arranges inbound and outbound high school/homestay programs. In 2003 PAX began the “Partnership for Learning Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES),” designed to create exchange opportunities between the U.S. and the Muslim world. To-date, full scholarship students have come from such countries as Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

+ - Project Harmony Online Partnerships

The Armenia School Connectivity Program, which is a program of the U.S. State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and implemented by Project Harmony, provide resources, Internet access and training for a network of schools in the two countries. By connecting existing computer resources to the internet, the SCP affords students, educators, and community members opportunities to access and share information, engage in online collaborative projects, and develop technical skills marketable in a digital world. Schools partner with others in the U.S. and use a variety of lessons in many classes and subjects.

+ - Studies Abroad for Global Education

The Studies Abroad for Global Education (SAGE) program offers high school students the opportunity to travel and study abroad in India as a way to broaden understanding of the world and themselves. It offers annual, semester and summer programs. It also offers study programs for teachers.

+ - Visiting International Faculty Program

Visiting International Faculty Program (VIF) is a for-profit organization that claims to be the largest teacher exchange program in the U.S. It recruits internationally for math, science, elementary school, English as a second language, and Spanish teachers who are qualified to teach in the U.S. In addition, it recruits American teachers for positions in several Latin American countries, Canada, some countries in Europe, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines and New Zealand.

+ - World Educational Services Foundation

The World Educational Services Foundation (WES) is designated by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs as a Teenage Exchange Visitor Program. The WES Academic Exchange Program in the U.S. is designed for foreign students 15 to 17 years of age who desire to attend an American school and learn about U.S. culture and customs by living with a family for five or ten months while attending school. WES offers a similar academic exchange experience for U.S. students who desire to study abroad for an academic year. WES also offers short-term cultural exchange programs for students who desire one-to-three-month experiences.

+ - Youth Challenge International

Youth Challenge International is a Canadian program that combines community development, health promotion and conservation work in dynamic projects carried out by teams of volunteers aged 18-35. Programs range from 5 weeks to 3 months in Costa Rica, Guyana, Vanuatu, Tanzania and Ethiopia and provide opportunities for young people to build their skills and leadership capabilities on grass-roots projects.

+ - Youth for Understanding

Youth for Understanding (YFU) is one of the world’s oldest, largest and respected international non-profit exchange organizations. The YFU USA web site contains a wealth of information about international exchange and, more specifically, YFU programs for American students and their families.  Exchanges are arranged for foreign high school students in U.S. schools and homestays as well as for U.S. high school students in schools and homestays in nearly 60 countries. YFA offers over 300 scholarships each year to students who participate in a YFU program.
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