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+ - American Institute for Foreign Studies

American Institute for Foreign Studies sponsors high school study abroad programs and the Academic Year in American program which allows more than 1,000 international teenagers to spend a semester in the U.S. living with a host family while attending an American high school.

+ - American Field Service

Each year, the nonprofit organization American Field Service (AFS) Intercultural Programs sends more than 1,500 students to more than 40 countries, awards more than $1 million in scholarships and financial aid to students, and places students from abroad with more than 2,700 host families. AFS activities are based on our core values of dignity, respect for differences, harmony, sensitivity and tolerance. Go to the website to find out how to participate in one of the various kinds of programs sponsored by AFS.

+ - AsiaPacificEd

The East-West Center’s AsiaPacificEd Program for Schools provides K-12 educators with opportunities to experience Asia and the Pacific region firsthand. Travel seminars begin with orientations in Honolulu and visit a variety of sites. In addition to firsthand experience in Asia and the Pacific, the program engages educators in an exploration of teaching methods and curriculum resources and in creating teaching units, lessons and case studies for classroom use.

+ - ASSE - International Student Exchange Programs

ASSE is a non-profit created to promote student exchanges between the United States and Scandinavia. It now includes 36 countries, and accommodates more than 30,000 high school-age students and host families annually in its programs in participating countries. It offers summer and year-long exchanges.


American Secondary Schools for International Students and Teachers (ASSIST) selects leading students from 15 countries and places them in one-year exchanges at American independent schools.


AYUSA is a non-profit organization promoting global learning and leadership through high school exchange programs. Since 1980, AYUSA has provided more than 40,000 high school study abroad students and host families with opportunities for building bridges of international friendship. American students can study abroad for a summer, semester or year in home stays or dorm stays. Stays are arranged in 18 different countries. International students can come to the U.S. to attend high school and live in American homes.

+ - Canada World Youth

Canada World Youth designs and delivers international educational programs for youth, aged 17-29, with a focus on volunteer work and community development in a cross-cultural setting. Working in partnership with local organizations, the majority of Canada World Youth programs have a phase in Canada and a phase in one of more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Central and Eastern Europe. Canada World Youth is about learning by doing. Its non-formal education model involves core elements such as the team approach, the counterpart relationship, host families and communities, and partner organizations.

+ - Canadian Education Centre Network

Canadian Education Centre Network (CEC Network) is a private, independent non-profit company that promotes and markets Canada as a study destination for international students, including secondary students. It also connects qualified Canadian teachers to high school teaching opportunities around the world.

+ - Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching

Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) is a voluntary pact of mutual understanding among a group of colleges and universities that work to provide opportunities for quality student teaching placement and supervision in a setting outside the United States. Since its inception in 1973, COST has sent college seniors overseas to fulfill their student teaching requirements. Significant cross-cultural experience adds to the future teacher’s knowledge. Placement opportunities arranged by COST have expanded from the original schools in Latin America to national and international schools throughout most of the world.

+ - Creative Connections

Creative Connections sponsors a number of class-to-class partnership programs between classrooms in the U.S. and other countries. Classroom Connections, the flagship program of Creative Connections, features the formation of “sister class” partnerships between 8-18-year-olds. Students in the paired classes share with one another their way of life through creation of letter and video scrapbooks as well on a specially designed website. Topics explored consist of such things as school and community life, family life and roles, traditional holidays, free-time activities and sports, music and dance, food, clothing and social concerns.

+ - Des Moines Schools Japan Exchange

The Des Moines public school district sends twenty four 10-12 year old students to Kofu, Yamanashi Japan for a two week home stay experience each March. The Japanese students then visit Des Moines in August of each year. The school district also sends teachers to Kofu for one year to teach English in the Japanese public schools. To learn more about the work of the program in 2012 see the article here.

+ - Friendship Force International

Friendship Force International, a nonprofit international exchange organization, was founded with the mission of creating an environment in which personal friendships are established across the barriers that separate people. It is active in more than 60 countries, producing friendships and goodwill through an extensive program of homestay exchanges in a number of countries. The basic framework is the formation and activity of local Friendship Force Clubs that provides volunteer leadership for the organization of exchanges. The program offers opportunities for community leaders, including educators. The organization sponsors related activities such an annual conferences and Festivals of Friendship, three-day sessions designed for orientation and the celebration of cultures of the host country.

+ - Friendship Through Education

The effort of Friendship Through Education focuses on expanding links between U.S. schools and those in Islamic countries, including Egypt, Indonesia, Qatar, Pakistan, Turkey, and Bahrain, as well as in Afghan refugee camps. The program provides information on how students can connect with their peers in these countries to foster mutual respect and greater understanding of cultural differences through letters, e-mail, art, collaborative projects and exchanges.

+ - Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program

The Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program provides opportunities for educators and administrators with responsibilities for curriculum development in fields related to humanities, languages and geographic area studies. All seminars are in non-Western European regions and are designed to provide a broad and introductory cultural orientation to a particular country. Four to six week seminars take place every summer.

+ - Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO)

Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and assisting as many teachers as possible to travel abroad and then share their experiences with their students upon their return to the classroom.

+ - Global Links Global Educators Program

Global Links Global Educators Program (GEP) provides opportunities for experienced public and private school educators from throughout the U.S. to learn about the educational systems in countries around the world through first-hand experiences in selected overseas schools. The program works collaboratively with schools world-wide (Pre-K through Post-Secondary) to identify appropriate placements in which educators can “team teach” as volunteers alongside overseas colleagues for three to four weeks, generally during the summer months of June-August. Placements are possible in nearly 50 countries. The vehicle for the program is a graduate level, six-semester unit professional development course at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN.

+ - Hands Across the Water

Hands Across the Water is a short-term exchange (2-3 weeks) of teachers living and working with teachers. Travel usually occurs in June-August. The program offers a unique view of family, school and cultural life. Participants travel as a delegation led by an experienced teacher. The program is open to teachers of all grades and subjects, school administrators and other educators. Many overseas hosts have made reciprocal visits to the U.S. The program has endorsement from the National Education Association and the American Association of School Administrators and is managed by the Educational Information & Resource Center (ERIC) in Sewell, NJ.

+ - High School Exchange and Language Programs

The iLove Languages website, created by Karin Levine, lists a number of High School Foreign Exchange Programs, as well as a number of Language Study Programs for Teens. This is a good site for students and parents to visit if they are thinking about an international experience for a student. In addition to the more well-known programs usually thought of, Karen has done a good job of searching out lesser known, and interesting possibilities.
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