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ABC-CLIO is a closely held publisher of educational and reference products. The company focuses on history and social studies resources for the scholar, student, teacher, and librarian in universities and secondary schools. There is an international section on the site that lists appropriate resources.

+ - Awesome Library

Awesome Library presents thousands of reviewed resources for use by teachers, students, parents and librarians. Organized by subject area and other topics, materials from the arts, social studies, science, technology and languages can be accessed. In addition, such topics as current events, Iraq, Middle East conflict, the environment, multiculturalism and world peace are also referenced.

+ - Berkshire Publishing

Berkshire Publishing Group specializes in international relations, cross-cultural communication, global business and economic information, and environmental sustainability.

+ - Bullfrog Films

Bullfrog Films distributes educational films/videos/DVDs that focus on environment, sustainability, globalization, human rights and other subjects of interest to global educators. Free previews are offered to schools to evaluate materials before purchase. A catalog is available online.

+ - Connections!

Connections! comes from USA Today’s content, experienced educators design middle and high-school level curriculum and daily and weekly lesson plans. Of special interest is a month-long in-depth exploration of global issues the explores the history, purpose and values of the Olympic Games.

+ - EcoKids

EcoKids from Earth Day Canada features games, activities and curriculum connects for teachers. Topics of interest include energy, environmental issues, science & nature, and wildlife. Materials include books, activities, word games, coloring sheets, puzzles and storybooks. Members receive a newsletter and can download some items.

+ - EINnews

A membership organization, EINnews provides access to breaking news that is organized within 260+ country, regional, state and specialized topic sections. EINnews content is derived from monitoring more than 4,000 different online sources and is designed to save the reader money by reducing time needed for online research. More than one million people turn to EINnews for breaking news each year.

+ - International Association for the Advancement of Human Welfare

The association is one of a group of interlocking organizations including The Advanced Forecasting Corporation, Weather for Humanity, and Much of the work of this network is for-profit focused upon providing weather prediction technology for individuals, organizations and companies. Some is not-for-profit, mainly oriented toward assisting people in the third world with overcoming weather wrought disasters. Education activities include the production of learning tools that provide emotional support to children who are victimized by weather disasters as well as educational support for peace workers.

+ - MapQuest

MapQuest is the electronic mapping engine of GeoSystems, Inc. owned by America online (AOL).  MapQuest combines modern mapping technology with a commitment to cartographic excellence that spans more than three decades. It is the leading provider of printed map products to publishers, corporations and consumers. It publishes an array of road atlases, affinity travel guides, destination maps and educational resources.

+ - Maps 101

Maps 101 is an online learning resource for K-12 classrooms. With an annual subscription to Maps 101 every teacher, librarian, resource specialist and student at a school can have access to: More than 4,000 easy-to-print maps; more than 200 K-12 lesson plans; daily and weekly current events articles; up-to-date World and U.S. reference atlases; and educational quizzes, games, and more.

+ - New Day Films

New Day Films is a collective of more than 50 filmmakers from the across the U.S. representing over 100 films, dedicated to bringing high quality social issue media to audiences. The website allows you to identify and purchase films from a variety of general topics that are of interest to global educators.

+ - Noodlehead Network

Noodlehead Network is the producer and distributor of the News Stories Video Series, scripted and edited with students, who offer their unique perspectives on numerous cultures. Eight segments per video explain what kids really want to know about these cultures, including clothes, games, schools, history, wildlife, economy, religion, food and traditional arts. These segments are entertaining and memorable introductions to these cultures, especially for a middle school audience. The serve as springboards to study, compare and contrast customs and history.

+ - ODT

The ODT online store has a section for Map Resources for Teachers as well as a general section for maps and books. There is a special section of materials that are given away (article reprints, audiotapes, books), and another with special discounts (See: The Map Bargain Bin). Five Billion Year of Global Change (book) and New Map Video: Many Ways to See the World with diversity, cultural and economic data are new resources. The site also links to other resources.

+ - Planet Drum

Planet Drum developed the concept of a bioregion: a distinct area with coherent and interconnected plant and animal communities, and natural systems, often defined by a watershed. The website has a store with a variety of items for sale, including books, maps, issues of past magazines, and other interesting bioregional products. A Catalogue of Bioregional Primary Sources is also available free with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

+ - Reach and Teach

Reach and Teach offers teachers comprehensive learning kits, workshops and lesson plans focused on key social justice topics, including such things as Make Your Own Fair Trade Chocolate Kit, The Peace Calendar and Lesson Plans, and CIVIO, a civil rights game.

+ - Rethinking Schools

Rethinking Schools offers a number of videos for sale that are appropriate for global educators --- e.g., Legacy of Inequality: Colonial Roots, The Global Economy: Colonialism Without Colonies, Global Village or Global Pillage. Educators can subscribe to Rethinking Schools magazine which carries many articles focused on global issues.

+ - Richter Productions, Inc.

Richter Productions, Inc. is a small independent documentary production and distribution enterprise, with prime emphasis on global education subjects. The website describes in brief the videos that are produced and distributed. Many have won major awards, such as three DuPont Columbia Broadcast Journalism awards (the Pulitzer Prize of TV journalism), two Academy Awards, etc.

+ - Scholastic

Scholastic is the largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. In addition, in cooperation with MSNBC, it produces Social Studies Interactive that explores many topics of interest to global educators. It also provides lesson plans, teaching strategies and other teaching tools. A recent publication is China-A Curriculum Unit from the Bank Street College of Education. This is a complete resource filled with background information, primary sources, hands-on activities, art projects, maps and other materials about China’s geography, religion, history, language and writing, family and culture, etc. Grades 4 – 8.

+ - Social Studies School Service

Social Studies School Service has been a leader in educational resources since 1965, searching out high quality supplementary learning materials, including books, videos, DVDs, software, charts and posters. An experienced editorial staff and teacher consultants carefully evaluate titles from over a thousand publishers, searching for materials that are effective, balanced, easy to use and reasonably priced. More than 30 catalogs a year are published that list the best materials through informative and objective descriptions. Enter global education in the search engine at the website. In addition, explore a large number of related topics.

+ - Teacher’s Discovery

Teacher’s Discovery is a catalog company for foreign language teachers and people who want to learn or teach a World Language. There also are science and social studies products that might be of interest to global education teachers. A new product is the China Rising Video that traces the history of modern China.

+ - TeAchnology - The Online Teacher Resource

TeAchnology is a membership site. Download many teaching resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, workbooks, PowerPoint templates, etc. Some have international education content.

+ - Williams Writes

Karen Williams served in Peace Corps in Malawi, and later lived in Haiti. She has written a number of children’s books based upon her experiences. Elementary school teachers should check them out through her site, Williams Writes.

+ - features atlases and guides for schools and travel, travel related books, country and state flags, and a segment on Geography Questions.

+ - World Eagle

World Eagle specializes in publishing comparative data, maps and graphs on a variety of topics reflecting social, political and economic aspects of the United States and the world. A new feature is materials on the Middle East and the Muslim World.

+ - The WorldPaper

The WorldPaper special section on global issues is printed in multiple languages in newspapers and magazines on five continents. Its editorial agenda is set for a global audience by a group of distinguished editors from around the world. The WorldPaper presents readers with overviews, commentaries and research on global issues through expert analysis and local reports on themes specially selected by its editorial board. WorldPaper satisfies the local need for balanced views on global issues.

+ - Yes Magazine

Yes Magazine is an ad-free, quarterly journal that provides positive solutions for creating a more just and sustainable world, focusing on social justice and environmental awareness. Through the Education Outreach program, the magazine offers teachers in the U.S. a free, one-year trial subscription. On the website, follow the “Education Connection” link listed under “Programs.” Back issues are downloadable for free online.
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