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» Human Rights - Genocide and the Holocaust

This is a list of resources on information and teaching about difficult subject such as genocide and the Holocaust. There are many Holocaust museums throughout the nation that are not listed here and we encourage you to check the internet for ones in your own regions for class visits and teaching materials.

+ - Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves offers curriculum materials and professional development programs on especially tragic periods of history, such as the genocides that occurred during the Holocaust and in Rwanda and Armenia; injustices toward African Americans throughout history; and exclusionary acts against Asian immigrants to the U.S. during WWII. The site features multimedia resources, study guides, an online teaching community and links to other Web and print resources. The nine regional offices of Facing History can be found on the website.

+ - The Genocide Education Project

The mission of the Genocide Education Project (GEP) is to help prevent genocide by assisting educators, students and educational organizations with teaching and learning about genocide and other major human rights violations, with specific focus on the Armenian genocide. A Resource Packet for Teaching about the Armenian Genocide is available to teachers. It includes a resource book developed by Facing History and Ourselves, lesson plans developed by GEP, a video produced by ABC Network News and education posters available through GEP. GEP sponsors teacher training workshops addressing topics such as identity, comparative genocide studies, the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide and other topics related to human rights.

+ - Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The journal, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, is the premier forum for work on the extensive body of literature and documentation of the Holocaust and genocide. It features essays and reviews that cut across several disciplines. HGS addresses the related study of how insights into the Holocaust apply to other genocides.

+ - Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

The Holocaust Teacher Resource Center (TRC) website is dedicated to the memory of the six million Jewish people slaughtered during the Holocaust and the millions of other people slaughtered during the Nazi era. It strives to overcome prejudice and bigotry through the study of these events. Educators, K-16, will find materials at the site that can be brought into the classroom and studied. Many can be downloaded from the site. In addition, TRC sponsors a writing competition for middle school and high school students.

+ - The Nizkor Project

The Nizkor Project is dedicated to the millions of Holocaust victims who suffered and died at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. It provides resources for students, teachers, other educators and community members interested in learning about the Holocaust. It includes information on the various holocaust camps, people involved in the holocaust, the Nuremberg Trials and much more.

+ - Prevent Genocide International

Prevent Genocide International provides links to holocaust and genocide studies programs around the world, including many in the U.S. that provide teaching resources and teacher training opportunities.  

+ - Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education

For several years, the Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education has sponsored an annual Holocaust Art and Writing Contest which terminates in an extremely well attended educational event that includes the reading of poems and essays and the announcement of winning art pieces. In March of 2005, the contest received nearly 3,000 entries from local students. The center also hosts the Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library.

+ - Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance

The Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance is a Los Angeles museum primarily dedicated as a holocaust education facility that also is focused on building a peaceful, tolerant America/World through education and awareness of the history of intolerance and current problems globally in human rights violations, genocide, hate crimes, etc. Resources for teachers and students include more than 50 bibliographies of Holocaust-related subjects, articles and publications and a timeline of the Holocaust: 1933-1946.

+ - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has many resources for teachers striving to help students learn the history of the Holocaust and reflect upon the moral and ethical questions raised by that history. It also sponsors workshops for teachers and others interested in the Holocaust. The Holocaust Encyclopedia, produced by the museum, contains materials on such subjects as anti-Semitism, racism, pogroms, refugees, the United States and the Holocaust, ghettos and many others.
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