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+ - Iao Intermediate School

Iao Intermediate School (Gr6-8) is in Maui, HI. In 2002, the first formal audio recording of “Children Singing Peace Around the World” was completed with children from Iao School. The children have since named themselves the Iao Peace Team. Subsequently, a number of other schools in various countries of the world have participated in this project.

+ - Jackson Hole Middle School

Jackson Hole Middle School in Jackson Hole, WY has exemplary environmental programs. For example, 6th graders participate in the World Water Monitoring Day program. Students test indicators of water quality, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and so forth. A 7th grade ecology unit explores how noxious weeds affect habitat. Lesson plans can be found at the web site.

+ - Alexander Hamilton High School Global Studies Magnet

The UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies (CNES) has worked with the Alexander Hamilton High School Magnet for over ten years. Center-affiliated graduate students frequently make classroom presentations at Hamilton High School in Los Angeles. Conversely, Hamilton students often visit UCLA to meet with faculty and students and engage them in discussions related to their studies and career aspirations. Many Hamilton teachers have taken part in the Center’s workshops and seminars, and the Center has made teaching materials available to them.

+ - Bodine International High School

Bodine International High School is unique in that it is a small special admissions high school co-sponsored by the School District of Philadelphia and the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. It is conceived as a rigorous academic institution where a global perspective is deliberately cultivated. It is an IBO school that attracts a multicultural student body. The World Affairs Council provides the school with many international education opportunities through curriculum materials, speakers, after school workshops and travel opportunities that allow for interaction with students in other countries.

+ - Brian McMahon High School Center for Global Studies

The Center for Global Studies is an international studies magnet school that focuses upon Japanese and Chinese language, history and culture. The Center is located at Brian McMahon High School in Norwalk, CT, serving students throughout lower Fairfield County. Out of district students are bused or travel by train (paid by the CGS) from their home districts. The Center focuses upon Japanese and Chinese language, history and culture.

+ - Cathedral City High School

Cathedral City High School in the Palm Springs Unified School District is a long-time participant in the World Wise Schools Program of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA). Students are connected with schools in Mongolia, Moldova and Morocco. In addition, an annual Peace Corps Day program is carried out at the school for students and others in the Palm Springs region. For information on these programs, contact Lee Wilson, Jr. at

+ - Cesar E. Chavez School for Social Change

The Cesar E. Chavez School for Social Change is an alternative high school made possible by the collaboration between the Santa Cruz, CA chapter of Barrios Unidos and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. Its purpose is to educate and develop youth leaders. The program has a broad base of collaboration with community agencies that provide experiences for students that knowledge and awareness of issues needed to provide community services.

+ - Denver West High School Center for International Studies

The Denver West magnet school program serves approximately 220 students within an urban school of approximately 1500 inner-city Latino students, many of them immigrants. World languages are emphasized and grants are made available to encourage international travel and exchange, in particular with a school in Kunming, China. The plan is to extend the program to the middle school level and to add a full four-year high school curriculum leading to a Diploma of International Studies in addition to the regular high school diploma.

+ - East-West School of International Studies

The East-West School of International Studies is housed in IS 237 in New York City and works with the Asia Society and the nonprofit organization Asian Americans for Equality. It is a College-Prep 6-12 program. Students study Chinese, Korean or Japanese (Hindi is to be added later). There is a strong focus on math, science, Asian languages, literacy and technology. The program includes fieldwork, internships and a range of extracurricular activities.

+ - Malaspina International High School

Malaspina International High School is located in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The school offers a summer program for international students, ages 13-17. The program focuses upon English language instruction, recreational activities and/or a regular academic program. The program includes a homestay and is a for-fee program that ranges from two to eight weeks.

+ - Paul Kane High School

Located in the city of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, Paul Kane High School offers an international student program that includes carefully supervised homestays, ESL courses, and immersion in Canadian life and culture, including interaction with Canadian students at the school. In addition to full-year academic and vocational programs, there are short-term programs (2-6) weeks throughout the year that also include sports, recreational and nature emphases.

+ - Signature School

Located in Evansville, IN, Signature School is a charter public school that enrolls approximately 250 high school students in a rigorous academic program with a global perspective. Application for enrollment is open to all high school age students in Indiana. Signature has been striving to globalize its curriculum by sending the teaching staff to conferences, workshops, summer institutes and professional development events dealing with global/international and technology education. The staff has been infusing the learned concepts into its teaching through revised lesson plans and syllabi. Global scholars visit the school to make presentations and students and teachers travel abroad. There are a variety of exchange programs in place.
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