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Becoming a teacher can be a gratifying experience, but many do not know where to begin.  Chapman University can help with its teaching credential and internship programs. 

The College of Educational Studies offers Multiple Subject or Single Subject credentials which can be part of the MA in Teaching (Elementary or Secondary programs)

Programs that offer education credentials as part of the masters degree are:

Special Education offers the following credentials:

Education Specialist Instruction Credentials

  • Specialist Credential(s) - Preliminary
  • Mild/Moderate specialist
  • Moderate/Severe specialist
  • Both Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe specialist
For information on applying to any of the College of Educational Studies Programs please contact Laura Burns, Admission Specialist, at (714) 628-7263 or at laburns@chapman.edu

Teacher Education Scholarship

Newly admitted students to the M.A. in Teacher or any credential program during the 2014- 15 academic year are eligible for a scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to cover the cost courses during the first semester. Please see the Teacher Education Program Scholarship page for more information.

Title II Reports for passage rates of license examination completers

Chapman University complies with all federal government reporting requirements pursuant to Section 207 of the Higher Education Act Title II passed by congress in 1998. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires a link to the most current year passing rates of the license examination according to AB 2086. Please see the Annual Report Card on CA-TPP 2013-14 (PDF) data and scroll to Appendix A Pass Rate by Assessment to review Chapman University's program pass rates.  The 2012-13 Report Card on California Teacher Preparation Programs - Excel Data Files are available on the CTC Title II webpage.
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