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Real Estate & Property Management

Join in on the opportunity to help create an academic village where faculty and staff can all reside in the same close-knit community alongside our Old Towne neighbors.   Several historic houses, mid-century homes and contemporary townhomes have recently been added to the university’s housing inventory. All meticulously restored to reflect their historic own unique character.  

The houses range from one-bedroom cottages to three-bedroom single-family homes, and many are on large lots with ample room for gardening. In addition, weekly yard service, repairs and maintenance are provided at all the residences. Rents are compatible with other area rentals and available on a month-to-month contract.

Living within walking distance to the campus will save you money on gas and parking and allows you to become more involved in the campus and community events.  Also, you will be in a short walking distance of dozens of wonderful Old Towne restaurants and shops.

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  • 1.0 Housing Policy

           1.1 Purpose

    Chapman University recognizes the important role that housing plays in supporting the mission of the institution.  Housing assignment policies, procedures, and eligibility criteria have been developed to assign this limited resource equitably.  Assignment of available housing units is guided by the principle that the institution seeks to provide affordable housing at fair market rates to accommodate full time faculty and staff. 

    Property Management Services is responsible for the review of all faculty and staff housing applications and the eventual assignment of qualifying applicants approved by Human Resources to University Housing.  The policy on Housing attempts to ensure a fair and equitable system for allocating a limited number of houses among all eligible faculty and staff members.  Due to the limited number of houses and the number of eligible employees who request housing, not all requests may be met.  This policy defines housing eligibility criteria, identifies priorities for assignment, outlines the procedures to apply for faculty housing, and clarifies conditions for assignment.

    The goal is to be fair and reasonable to Chapman University employees, competitive with the local area rental market and equitable to the university while conforming to IRS regulations.

           1.3 Eligibility

    Only full-time, employed faculty, staff and selected upper-class students of Chapman University are eligible for housing under this policy.  If the faculty or staff member ceases employment at Chapman University, they must vacate and surrender the premises no later than thirty (30) days after separation date from the University.  A student may cease to rent from the university at the end of the school term or other predetermined timeframe. 

    To insure that there is equitable access to housing; individuals may file an application for housing to be on the waiting list.  Housing should not be used as an inducement when employment offers and negotiations are finalized with new faculty members.  

           1.4 Priority

    Since housing is a limited resource, eligibility criteria, and priority designations must be strictly followed when making assignments.  The following departments may submit requests for a house to fulfill housing assignments:

    Chancellor’s Office - may evaluate and assign newly recruited applicants or others for houses. 

    Office of Housing and Residence Life - will select and assign students to houses.

    Property Management Services - will assign all others that apply for housing based on seniority and approval by Human Resources.

    1.0 Housing Policy continued

           1.5 Guidelines

    Offers for housing will only be made to individuals who intend to occupy university housing as their primary residence.  The employee to whom it is assigned must occupy the residence.  The lease agreement will be a month-to-month term.  Subleases or allowing another person(s) to occupy the residence is not permitted without the written approval of the Property Management Services. Violations of this provision may jeopardize tenancy and will result in immediate termination of the lease.

    Individuals currently assigned to university housing may request reassignment only if their family size increases beyond the eligible occupancy level of their house or conversely, if their families size decreases and a smaller house is preferred.  Employees may only rent one residence at a time.  

           1.6 Application Procedure

    To apply for Chapman University housing, a completed “Housing Application” form can be obtained from office of Property Management Services or on-line. Once completed and return to Property Management the applicant is placed on the waiting list once the approval process has been completed. 

    Applicants are classified by a letter:  F – Faculty and S- Staff.  Individuals are ranked by their employment start date (seniority).  Applicants can apply for housing at any time. Application forms require general and personal information and type of housing preference details.  Chapman University will ask you about the number of people who will be living in the rental unit In order to prevent overcrowding of rental units.  

           1.7 Conditions of Assignment

    An employee who has applied for housing will have the opportunity to accept an offer of housing when a rental unit becomes available.  Under this policy, individuals who decline a legitimate offer of housing may remain on the list, keeping their ranking for another vacant residence.  

    If an applicant chooses to have their application removed from the waiting list, they may do so at any time.  To be reinstated on the applicant waiting list they must reapply.  Applications will be prioritized based on the most recent employment start date.  Failure to cooperate after notification the applicant may be removed from the list and will need to reapply.

    Prior to being assigned individuals must sign a Credit Check history release form that allows the university to check their credit history.  The credit history is then reviewed, approved or declined by Property Management Services. The applicant may be required to reimburse the University for the Cost of the credit report. 

    The Lease Agreement terms are month-to-month.  Both the first month’s rent and security deposit is required upon execution of the lease agreement before the Lessee will be given access to the residence. The lease agreement security deposit will be held by the business office until the tenant moves out.  An applicant who has a pet will be required to comply with the Pet Policy and submit a pet deposit. 

    Random selection will be conducted if multiple applicants have the same qualifications. Selection is at the discretion of the Director of Property Management Services and overseen by the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management.

    2.0 Housing Policy continued

           2.8 Student Housing

    Some students are assigned to University houses as this type of assignment best suits their needs. Priority is given to out of the area graduate students with or without families.  Applications and housing assignments are managed by the Department of Residence Life.   The physical property is managed by property management services.

    Upon approval for tenancy students are required to sign a residential license agreement  that delineates the terms and conditions to residing in the university housing for a school term of either nine or twelve months.           

           2.9 Rent Rate Schedule

    University housing has set rental rates and attempts to be competitive and comparable with the local area market whenever possible.  There are some exceptions influencing the rate structure due to age, amenities, condition, and square footage of a rental unit.  Chapman University is in direct competition with the local area market requiring university rates to be at fair market value.  For this reason comparable rental rates survey is conducted annually.  Rental rates conform to the IRS tax-exempt status of the institution.  The housing rent rate schedule as follows:

    House/Condominium Rent Range per Month  
    One Bedroom contact property management
    Two Bedrooms  contact property management
    Three Bedrooms contact property management
    Apartments (Students) contact property management

           2.10 Rent Increase

    Each July or January the month closest to proceeding the tenants anniversary date, the rent is reviewed and rates may be adjusted accordingly.  General increases average 2 to 4% per year depending on increased operation expenses of the department and fair market rates. 

    Annually an analysis of local area rental rates is conducted by Property Management utilizing an outside service to gather this information. This report is utilized to compare university rental rates with the surrounding area.  The rate structure may be increased, held at current level, or decreased based on market conditions and other related factors.

    2.0 Housing Policy continued

           2.11 Summary of Key Points 


    • All applicants are treated equally.
    • Applicants are required to fill out a Waiting List Application form.
    • The applicant waiting list is comprised of faculty and staff.
    • The list is by seniority; oldest employment hire date is highest priority.
    • Individuals are notified in order by seniority depending on the size of house and their budget.
    • Individuals are added to the list by seniority.
    • Individuals are given 48 hours to respond when notified to view a vacancy.
    • Individuals can take 48 hours to make a decision to accept a rental unit after viewing.
    • Applicants can deny accepting an opportunity to rent a property and remain on the waiting list until notified of another property in the future.


    • Individuals that support campus operations twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days a week and required to live in close proximity to the campus are given priority and housing if applicable.
    • Exceptions to seniority can be requested by the university President, Executive Vice President and COO, Chancellor and Vice Presidents. All others must request approval from the aforementioned executives.

    Rental Rates

    • Rates are determined and competitive with the local area market and independent studies.                     
    • Rates can be lowered when numerous applicants reject the same vacant property due to: location, amenities, condition, age, size and parking.
    • Rates can be adjusted up or down based on market conditions and other factors. 


    • At the discretion of the Director of Property Management, an applicant can be passed and not contacted if their personal information on the application disqualifies them the opportunity to view a vacancy based on affordability.
    • Tenants can be reassigned to a different location if their present location is scheduled for renovation or other commitment.
    • Only special circumstances involving upper management would a tenant be asked to relocate.
    • All applicants as pet owners must comply with the Pet Policy and submit a pet deposit of $500 and provide liability insurance.
  • “We are grateful to live so close to Chapman University. Vernon walks to and from his office each day, being one of the first persons on, and last ones to leave, campus each day, as traffic can be avoided. The Property Management staff is very attentive and work diligently with the home maintenance and yard upkeep. What is especially wonderful about the arrangement is that everyone on the PM staff is so courteous and gracious with any request. They all really like what they do and we experience that. We know that we have friends close by, and when we are away, we know that they are but a phone call away. Thank you!  We appreciate you all.”  - Vernon & Candace Smith

Commute? No carbon footprint and no parking fees. Walking is healthy.
 Maintenance? You have a landlord with a whole team of skilled people who can fix anything!
Mowing? Nope, they care for all the landscaping every week. And water and trash wrestling included.
Community? No driving back in for that concert or play or film you want see. And you have great neighbors.
Fitness? Drop your expensive gym membership. Chapman has new and better equipment. 
Value? Competitive rental rates!
So good value, quality, health. What are you waiting for?” - Nancy Brink

    “Living in Chapman housing has been the best experience. My house is affordable, clean, updated, and pet friendly. Working with Property Management has been wonderful as well. They are friendly, helpful, and quick to respond to any issues or concerns. I highly recommend living in Chapman housing!” - Anna Lane

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