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Making the Cut & Breaking Through

Making the Cut & Breaking Through »

“Making the Cut” – The story of Cut Studios, a nonprofit multimedia outreach academic rewards program that services at-risk youth. Students are provided with the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic talents and leadership skills as an incentive for academic improvement. Directed by by Mj Lat, Kyle Dykes. “Breaking Through” - An inspirational tale of empowerment and strength in Orange County's young girls, we follow an underprivileged yet thriving girl as she approaches adulthood. Directed by Maurianna Zingarelli, Jacob Taylor, Dan Duran, Kirsten Moore.
Worlds Apart & BLOW!

Worlds Apart & BLOW!  »

“Worlds Apart” - Rose, a young Native American woman is trapped between two worlds: her home on the reservation and far away at college, where she is finding success. Directed by Ava Bremen, Paul Hextall, Ashley Jones, Brendan Nahmias. “BLOW!” - A gay college student, searches to understand a law in Singapore that makes homosexuality illegal, and tries to grasp the apparent complacency of those effected by it. Directed by David Thompson, Jacob Taylor, Joanna Ying Ng, Mano Kunasegaran, Nurul Atiqah Mohamad S.
Hold My Hand & The Modern Man

Hold My Hand & The Modern Man  »

“Hold My Hand” - Experience the daily challenges Eliza faces as a brave young woman living with Down Syndrome. Not willing to succumb to socially imposed limits, Eliza fights to attend college and prove that she’s not that different. Directed by Bobby Moser, James M. Parker, Ruby Stocking, Vivi Thomasi Palva. “The Modern Man” - A celebration of Fernando, a young male dancer at the local Wooden Floor dance troupe. He comes to terms with the inherent losses and joys that come with entering adulthood. Directed by Haley Quartarone, David Thompson, Malica Chehrzad.
A Salton Soul & Mountain Man

A Salton Soul & Mountain Man  »

“A Salton Soul” - The Salton Sea, once a recreation paradise, now a wetlands in decline. June, a vibrant young woman in the 40’s, now confined to a hospital bed. “A Salton Soul” brings these two stories together, depicting the natural cycle of life: birth, death and change. Directed by Mike Agnew, Greg Balkin, Tim Kressin. “Mountain Man” - Naturalist Joel Robinson strives to reconnect people to nature, teaching them to embrace their surroundings without taking the environment for granted. Directed by Celeste Giaimo, Alexandra Santoro, Jonathan Formica, Mj Lat.
Among Giants & Joyce

Among Giants & Joyce  »

“Among Giants” - As clear-cutting continues to ravage California’s coastal redwood region, Farmer, an environmental activist, decides to tree-sit to defend the McKay Tract. A hundred feet up in the ancient redwood canopy, Farmer must battle the elements and avoid isolation as he fights for a sustainable future. Directed by Chris Cresci, Ben Mullinkosson, Sam Price-Waldman. “Joyce” by Ruby Stocking, Toby Mullinkosson, Bobby Moser - A look at the challenges of aging through the eyes of a woman who has replaced her family's daily attention with her own strong faith. Directed by Ruby Stocking, Toby Mullinkosson, Bobby Moser.
Upstanding Youth & Food For Thought

Upstanding Youth & Food For Thought  »

“Upstanding Youth” - A look at the lives of homeless teens in one of the country’s most affluent areas, Orange County, California. Directed by James Campbell, Albert Vazquez, Rob McClellend. “Food for Thought” - A revealing exploration into the depths of hunger, and the hidden communities that suffer as a result, “Food for Thought” takes you on a journey with people for whom having enough to eat is not a given, but a daily struggle. Directed by Victor Amezquita, Serena Felsher, Liz Hartnett, Alessandra Maman.
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