» Wireless Network

Chapman University has wired and wireless networking capabilities in most areas on campus. This free service allows students, staff, faculty and campus guests to move around campus while maintaining an Internet connection.

Scheduled Improvements

The following locations were upgraded during the summer of 2016:  Hashinger, Kennedy, Oliphant/Bertea, Doti, Smith and Roosevelt.  In addition, these locations will also be upgraded by the end of September:  Moulton, Crean, Von Neumann and Memorial.  After that, we plan to upgrade these locations before the fall break in 2016:  DeMille, Wilkinson, Fish, Hutton and Lastinger.

We are also targeting outdoor wireless as a priority over the fall 2016 semester.  Expect to see improvements around the Attallah Piazza and Memorial Lawn by the end of 2016.  Additionally, we will be assessing the feasibility of adding wireless to various parking garages.  Please submit ideas for future expansion of wireless using the feedback form to the right.

How To Connect to Wireless Network

Whether using a PC or MAC, use our tutorial to learn how to connect to the wireless network from your computer.