» Phishing Fraud

Universities nationwide have noticed an increase in successful email - based phishing attacks which are designed to solicit your login and password information.

What is Phishing Fraud?

  • "Phishing" is a kind of fraud perpetrated over email. It is a type of identity theft.
  • The goal of a phishing is to trick you into giving out your email login name and password.
  • Phishers who get your email login name and password will send out hundreds of thousands of spam messages as you, ruining your reputation.
  • Phishing emails can be very persuasive and try very hard to look official.
  • Phishing emails can be personalized.  They can say they come from Chapman University, and even be addressed to you by name.
Remember These Rules:
  • Chapman University will NEVER ask for your password.
  • Chapman University will NEVER threaten to delete your account to make space.
  • Chapman University will NEVER ask you to prove that you are still an active user.
  • Do NOT respond to email messages which ask you to provide or verify your personal information.
  • Do NOT follow any directions contained in such messages.
  • Giving out your login name and password is a violation of the Chapman University Network Acceptable Use Policy.
What Should I Do If I Get A Phishing Attempt?

If you ever receive any suspicious email, forward it IMMEDIATELY to abuse@chapman.edu