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The Information Security Office at Chapman University develops and maintains a world class cyber security framework for strategies, standards, and policies. These ensure that all identified information assets are available with appropriate integrity and confidentiality as part of the personalized education of distinction provided by Chapman University.

If you need assistance with a cyber security matter, you may email dis@chapman.edu or call (714) 744-7972. To report an incident, please use the "Report Incidents" button on this page.

Latest phish email status

Below are the latest phish emails that we are seeing impacting our Chapman community. Use this page to verify if the email you see has been reported or detected as a phishing attempt.

Please continue to send in your phish reports to abuse@chapman.edu

+ - Phish email dated 7/27 [subject line: CHAPMAN FINAL NOTICE: CANCEL THIS REQUEST NOW]

Dear User,

We are going to shut down your account today

As you requested us to do so, you have few mins to cancel this request

To retain your account, kindly Cancel Request to continue using our services.


© 2016 Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Information Security office notes: The link is a tinyURL redirect that takes you to a phishing website hosted on a malicious website. Do not click the link.

+ - Phish email dated 7/26 [subject line: Important Document (Top Urgent)]

You have a Drop-box shared important Document 
sign in with account to view
View Document

  When you save something to a shared folder, it'll be as if you saved it
straight to your teammates' computers. When any changes are made,
you'll see them instantly and get a notification too!
Happy sharing!
  - The Dropbox Team  

Dropbox, Inc., PO Box 77767, San Francisco, CA 94107 © 2015 Dropbox

Information Security office notes: The link is a tinyURL redirect that takes you to a phishing website hosted on a malicious website. Do not click the link. 

+ - Phish email dated 7/22 [subject line: YOU MAY LOSE ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT]


Information Security office notes: The message body is blank but it has a malicious attachment (called Verification.pdf, WARNING.PDF etc). DO NOT OPENTHIS ATTACHMENT

+ - Phish email dated 7/22 [subject line:Copy swift]]

Dear sir,

the remittance of USD101.008,00 ( Balance under last Invoice ) find attached. We have send you many emails through or main email but its like you dont receive our emails.
We decided to use our second email to send you copy of transfer.

With our best regards.

+ - Phish email dated 7/22 [subject line: System Analyst]

Subject: FW: System Analyst

Message Content:

Please this is very important. we are expanding and validating all Staff/Employee Mailbox immediately. Please click on this link <link removed>and fill the form correctly and Click send for immediate validation.

Notify IS&T immediately when you become aware of...

  • Theft or missing computer, laptop or mobile device
  • Breach of sensitive information (social security number, student records, etc.)
  • Any computer infections or spyware
  • Serious system outages