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In 2011, Chapman University started a project to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  In early 2012 the university selected PeopleSoft as our new ERP system and selected Io Consulting as our implementation partner.  From there, a 3-year implementation of PeopleSoft started.  Many administrators and staff, in addition to their regular roles, are very involved in designing and configuring the new system.

Project Status

Below are the latest project status posts. We will also be sending regular updates in the Thursday, Weekly Updates for Chapman University. Please check often for these updates and feel free to call IS&T if you have questions.

PeopleSoft Finance Updates, Week of April 20, 2015


Exciting news! Cash Advances’ bug in PeopleSoft has been fixed! Also, this will be our first fiscal close in PeopleSoft.  We have helpful instructions.  Please read on for fiscal close tidbits below.   


Cash Advances  The system bug in T&E’s Cash Advances module has been fixed.  Effective immediately, if you need Cash Advances, please submit it online using PeopleSoft.  Cash Advances must have an approved “Travel Authorizations” first.  Please reference your approved TA# in the Reference field of your Cash Advances.  


Travel Authorizations for FY 15—16 – If you need to create Travel Authorizations for FY 15—16’s travel between now and May 31st, 2015, under the “Expense Type” section, please select the appropriate “Future Year Travel” category pertains to the nature of your travel. 


If you create Travel Authorizations on or after June 1st, 2015 for FY 15—16’s travel, select the appropriate Expense Type, not in any “Future Year Travel” category, because you are in the current year doing business for the current year. 


Cash Advances and Travel Authorizations for FY 15—16 business – If your travel is for FY 15—16 and you can wait till June 2015 or after to create Travel Authorizations and/or Cash Advances, please wait till after June 1st, 2015 to initiate your request in PeopleSoft.  Accounts Payable is trying to close FY 14—15 business through May 31st, your cooperation in entering New Year’s business in the New Year will help AP focus on closing out the current fiscal year.


Cancel and Delete unused or duplicate FY 14—15 Travel Authorizations In preparation for FY14—15 fiscal close, please cancel or delete Travel Authorizations (TA) for FY 14—15 on or before May 31st, 2015, which meet the following criteria:


Canceling TA: Navigation:  Employee Self—Service→ Travel and Expenses → Travel Authorizations →Cancel

·       Unused travel authorizations that have been budget checked and have not applied to expense reports can be canceled by the originator.  The cancel process closes TA and reverses encumbrances if the TA was already budget checked.


Deleting TA: Navigation:  Employee Self—Service→ Travel and Expenses → Travel Authorizations →Delete

·       You create a TA and decide not to process it, you can delete it before you submit it for approval

·       If you submit a TA and the approver returns it to you, you can delete the TA

·       If you cancel a TA, you can delete it


Clean up FY 14—15 Cash Advances— As part of fiscal close preparation, please review cash advances you created.  If they were not used/linked, created but not submitted in PeopleSoft, or submitted and got denied, please delete them.  Navigation: Employee Self—Service →Travel and Expenses→ Cash Advances →Delete. 


FY 14—15 Fiscal Close Forum This fiscal close will be the first one performed in our new Financial System, PeopleSoft.  Financial Services will be hosting a 2014—2015 Fiscal Close Forum on Thursday, April 23rd from 9:00a.m. to 10:30a.m., in Argyros Forum 201.  Faculty and staff who are in an approver, reviewer or initiator role in PeopleSoft are highly recommended to attend this forum. Please RSVP to Beth Dimitroff, edimit@chapman.edu, if you plan on attending.       


Please direct your PeopleSoft inquiries or comments to IS&T Service Desk (servicedesk@chapman.edu) or (714) 997— 6600.




Expires: 5/31/2015

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Planned Go-Live Dates

  • Benefits/Open Enrollment: Nov 2013
  • HR and Payroll: January 2014
  • Finance: May/June 2014
  • Admission and Recruiting: Fall 2014
  • Financial Aid and Registration: Spring 2015

What is PeopleSoft?

Video by Panther Productions and Strategic Marketing for the PeopleSoft project