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In 2011, Chapman University started a project to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  In early 2012 the university selected PeopleSoft as our new ERP system and selected Io Consulting as our implementation partner.  From there, a 3-year implementation of PeopleSoft started.  Many administrators and staff, in addition to their regular roles, are very involved in designing and configuring the new system.

Project Status

Below are the latest project status posts. We will also be sending regular updates in the Thursday, Weekly Updates for Chapman University. Please check often for these updates and feel free to call IS&T if you have questions.

PeopleSoft Finance Updates, Week of July 7, 2014

 Effective July 8th, PeopleSoft Helpdesk is transitioned to IS&T’s Service Desk.  This move will provide a better tracking mechanism for questions received and resolution provided.  It will also position us for the ultimate integration on various PeopleSoft modules, such as HCM, Finance and Campus Solution to be under one service desk.  Starting July 8th, you can email servicedesk@chapman.edu for all PeopleSoft related questions or call ext. 6600 to the ServiceDesk.  The transition should be transparent to users, the quality and timeliness of services will remain unchanged.


Out of Office DelegationIf you are an approver in PeopleSoft, it is extremely important when you are out of the office, you delegate someone to approve transaction for you in your absence.  If you do not delegate, there is no one to approve the transaction at your approval level, which will cause delay.  To delegate an individual who is already an approver in your organization can help minimize system security issue.  To do an out of office delegation in PeopleSoft, go to Main Menu My System Profile and fill in the alternate user information.  Enter the User ID of the person to do the approval for you and the Begin and End Dates then click Save.    


Internal Control - For internal control purpose, PeopleSoft is designed so if you create transaction (such as a Purchase Requisition, Travel Authorization or Expense Report), you CANNOT approve your own transaction.  This holds true if you are an approver for your organization or if you are delegated by an approver (who is out of the office) to approve transaction during his/her absence.  If you are an approver, the document you enter will be routed to the next person in the workflow path to review and approve.


Receiving in PeopleSoft from approved POs – Please confirm you have received the goods and performed the “Receiving” function in PeopleSoft promptly so AP can match the invoice with PO and receipt to process payments accordingly.  Please be advised some suppliers charge the University late fees if payment is not received on time, or cease to do business with the University with frequent late payments.   Your prompt “Receiving” is very important in helping suppliers get paid timely.  If you ordered multiple products from the same supplier and received multiple invoices, you need to “Receive” each invoice individually.  Go to Main Menu PurchasingReceipts   Add/Update Receipts.  For screen shots and detail instruction, please visit PS Live! – Financials, under “Documentation”.


Category and SpeedChart function in Purchase Requisitions – When you initiate a Requisition in PeopleSoft, selecting a Category is required in the “Line” section. After you select the appropriate Category, the predefined PeopleSoft Account number (formerly known as IFAS Object) is auto populated at the “Distributions” section.   When you enter the SpeedChart information in the Distribution section, it auto populates the applicable fund-dept-program, but at the same time, clears the account number triggered by the Category code.  To ensure the correct account number is used, you can do one of the two ways described below:


1.     If you use SpeedChart, write down the account number after selecting the Category and before you enter the SpeedChart, so you know what the predefined account number to key in after the system clears it. 


2.     Input the fund-dept-program manually without using the SpeedChart.  This way, the account number will stay without being cleared.     


If you can’t find an appropriate Category for the requisition, use “Unlisted”.  Provide a clear description of what the item is and enter the appropriate Account number.  It is very helpful if the approver can also validate the chart of accounts information before approving the transaction.       



Direct Voucher and Non PO Check Request – To fully utilize PeopleSoft, effective July 10th, all direct vouchers and Non PO Payment Request will be routed to department for approval electronically through PeopleSoft.  Please continue to send the paper copy and backup to AP for audit.  AP will enter your request in PeopleSoft and launch the workflow.  The approver will no longer need to sign the paper copy because PeopleSoft workflow will route the document to the approver to approve.  The revised Non PO Payment Request Form is located at PS Live! – Financials, under “Form Center”.


Budget Category numbering changes from IFAS – As part of the design for Chart of Accounts in PeopleSoft, budget categories for most revenue and expense categories have been renumbered.  A listing of revenue and expense budget categories showing the previous numbering in IFAS and the new numbering in PeopleSoft is now available in the PS Live! – Financials site, under “Documentation”.  This information is also included on the Account Code Listing available in PeopleSoft.  As a reminder, report training is available to those who have not yet learned how to run reports in PeopleSoft.


Reports – Reports are regularly under development and released once fully tested.  New reports will be announced in our weekly communication when they become available.   Please sign up for report training as it is very helpful to understand the steps on how to run PeopleSoft reports.


Training continues throughout July - Training sessions for Travel and Expenses, Budget Reports and Purchase Requisitions have been added to the schedule for the week of July 14th.  We anticipate adding additional sessions for Travel and Expenses for the week of July 21st and those will be posted next week.  You can access the PeopleSoft Training Scheduler to register for a session at the link below:




Updated training materials for Purchase Requisitions and Travel and Expenses and Budget Reports have been posted to the PeopleSoft Training Site.  We strongly encourage you to review these updates since some procedures and policies have changed in the last few weeks.  You’ll also find the Open Hours posted for the week of July 14th.   The link to the Training site is:




We will continue to offer training as needed throughout the summer.  Additional topics will be coming soon as new modules of PeopleSoft “go live”!


Please direct your PeopleSoft inquiries or comments to IS&T Service Desk (servicedesk@chapman.edu) or ext. 6600.

Expires: 8/8/2014

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Planned Go-Live Dates

  • Benefits/Open Enrollment: Nov 2013
  • HR and Payroll: January 2014
  • Finance: May/June 2014
  • Admission and Recruiting: Fall 2014
  • Financial Aid and Registration: Spring 2015

What is PeopleSoft?

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