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In 2011, Chapman University started a project to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  In early 2012 the university selected PeopleSoft as our new ERP system and selected Io Consulting as our implementation partner.  From there, a 3-year implementation of PeopleSoft started.  Many administrators and staff, in addition to their regular roles, are very involved in designing and configuring the new system.

Project Status

Below are the latest project status posts. We will also be sending regular updates in the Thursday, Weekly Updates for Chapman University. Please check often for these updates and feel free to call IS&T if you have questions.

PeopleSoft Finance Updates, Week of October 20, 2014


If you receive a legitimate invoice (i.e., items ordered from a PO and properly received in PeopleSoft) with an amount very different from the original PO amount, please work with Purchasing to initiate a change order on your PO in PeopleSoft.  The revised PO will go through the workflow approval in PeopleSoft.  Once fully approved, AP will match the PO with the invoice and proceed with payment preparation. 


Non PO Payment Request – Non PO Payment Request is used to pay suppliers or non-employee services not issued from a PO.  AP will not be able to process a Non PO Payment Request for employee expenses.  For employee expense reimbursement on university business, please initiate an Expense Report in PeopleSoft.  Navigation: Employee Self-Service → Travel and Expenses →  Expense Reports.  Please continue to send paper copies and receipts to AP for audit. 


AP Voucher’s “On Hold” button – When an approver click the “On Hold” button in an AP voucher due to incorrect chartfield or other business reasons, PeopleSoft will generate an email notification to the requester and Accounts Payable staff.  Prompt action should be taken by the requester to resolve the voucher issue so the approver can proceed with approving the voucher.  Please contact Accounts Payable if you need any assistance.


Cash Advances require approved authorization – All Cash Advance requests must have an approved “Travel Authorization” before submission to Accounts Payable.  There are Expense Types on the Travel Authorization which can be used for “non-Travel” Cash Advances.  If you are requesting an Advance for non-Travel expenditures and none of the Expense Types describe your expense, select either Miscellaneous Charges or Supplies and provide detailed information in the Comment box.  PLEASE NOTE – you need to include the Travel Authorization ID on your Cash Advance.  Enter the TA ID next to the word “Reference” under the Comment box on the Cash Advance.


Employee ID not populating in Travel and Expenses?  Do you try to create a Travel and Expense document and your Employee ID is not on the search screen?  You can activate your login with two easy steps!  Follow this navigation:  Main Menu → Employee Self Service → Travel and Expenses → User Preferences → Delegate Entry Authority.  You will see your name as an authorized user along with several staff from Financial Services.  Do NOT delete any names – simply click the Save button.  When you return to the Travel and Expense screens your ID will appear in the Empl ID box.


Purchasing Requisitions – It is helpful to have additional information included in the Purchasing Requisition (PR) either in the Justification Field or as part of the Comments.  This helps Purchasing when they source the PR into PO and will also be beneficial to approvers so they know what they are approving.


Below are good suggestions to follow:


1.     Requisition Name box:  Complete a short brief description of the request (ex. Dell Printer 2155cn Toners for Jane Doe)

2.     In the Add Comments box (Use Standard Comments):  Complete the necessary detail information to assist Purchasing and the Approvers.

a.     Items name and number (ex. printer toners – Black-DV6673 and Cyan-DV6670)

b.     Locations (Dept. or user (ex. Jane Doe))

3.     Check the Approval Justification box.  This will allow the Approvers to view the information in the Comments Box.

4.     Under Item information tab ~ Supplier Item ID field, enter the part number.

5.     Attach any supporting documentation such as quotes.


Tip of the Week “Travel and Expenses Approval Queries” – To determine where a Travel Authorization, Cash Advance or Expense Report are in the PeopleSoft Workflow process, the following reports are helpful:

                                                    i.     Cash Advance Approval Query

                                                  ii.     Expense Report Approval Query

                                                iii.     Travel Auth Approval Query


 For complete detail and navigation to run these reports, please visit PS Live! – Financials, under “Tip of the Week”.


Please direct your PeopleSoft inquiries or comments to IS&T Service Desk (servicedesk@chapman.edu) or (714) 997- 6600.








Expires: 11/13/2014

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Planned Go-Live Dates

  • Benefits/Open Enrollment: Nov 2013
  • HR and Payroll: January 2014
  • Finance: May/June 2014
  • Admission and Recruiting: Fall 2014
  • Financial Aid and Registration: Spring 2015

What is PeopleSoft?

Video by Panther Productions and Strategic Marketing for the PeopleSoft project