»Requesting Events in 25Live

Mozilla’s Firefox browser (version 3 or higher) is the recommended browser for accessing 25Live.

+-Signing in to 25Live

Please Note: If you do not have a username and password, please contact the Event Scheduling Office at (714) 744-7061.

+-Requesting an Event

A minimum of 5 working days prior to the event is required to request a facility using 25Live.  If the request is less than 5 working days, please contact the Event Scheduling Office at (714) 744-7061.

STEP 1___________________________________________________

Once you are logged into 25Live, click the Create an Event on the Home tab.

STEP 2___________________________________________________

Complete the following fields:

Terms and Conditions 
Once you have read and understand the Campus Room Reservation Policy, select I Agree.

Event Name (maximum length is 40 characters) 
Name events in a way that will be understandable to others.  Avoid acronyms when possible.

Event Title (maximum length is 120 characters)
Displays on Published Calendars.  If necessary, provide more detail to the event name such as subtitle to the event.

Event Description 
Displays on Published Calendars.  Provide a brief description of the event that will highlight the purpose of the event.  Some HTML Tags (including TABLE tags) are not supported by 25Live Publishing. Please Note: Do not use the “&” sign in this section.

Event Type
Select the event type that best describes the event from the list of All Event Types.

Publish to Calendars (Optional)
After choosing the Event Type, select the appropriate calendars for publishing the event.

Primary Organization for this Event
Select the organization that is the primary sponsor for the event from the list of Types.  Additional organizations can be added below.

Additional Organization(s) for this Event
Select any additional organizations involved with the event such as co-sponsor from the list of Types.

Event Date and Time
Select the time and dates for the event.

If you need to be in the event location before or after the actual event time add Pre-Event/Set-up Duration and the Post-Event/Take-Down Duration.  Set-up and takedown times will be added by event schedulers, as needed.

If the event has a number of re-occurring days, use the dropdown menu next to Event Repeats? Select Repeats Ad Hoc.  Click on the dates to add them to the Occurrence List.

Event State
Your event will automatically be submitted as Tentative.

Event Locations
To select the location(s) you would like to request for your event, follow these steps:

  • After selecting the Event Date and Time, search for a location by selecting a search located under Find By…  
    Example: Under Categories, select a specific category to view all locations in that category.
  • Select Refresh located at the bottom of the Choose From… menu.
  • Select a location(s) with a green check mark.  (Red triangles indicate that a location is not available)  

Selecting an event location does not guarantee it for your event.  You will receive an email confirmation with the scheduled location(s).

Event Head Count
Do not leave blank.  The expected number of attendees must be completed.

Event Resources
Select the resources that are needed for the event.  The most common event resources are located under Find by…Categories.

Promotions for the event are also located under Categories.  Select Consideration for Happenings, Consideration for Press Release, Digital Signage, Panther, Student Events Newsletter or Wilsontron. 

Event Notes 
This section is not public. Internal notes for the requestor. (Not seen by Resource Departments)

Event Comments 
This section is not public. Add any special requests or event details for the Event Scheduling Office or the Resource Departments.

Additional Info

Fire Life Safety Permit, Alcohol Service and Outside Suppliers/Vendors – Select Yes or No for each question.

Event Contact Information - You will automatically be listed as the requestor.  Please complete the Event Contact Name, Phone Number and Email. 

Event Image and Detail Image - Select the box for the Event Image or the Detail Image. Enter the path name of a file, URL or command line. 

Remember that 25Live is a web-based scheduling and calendar system and will be viewable.  

REVIEW YOUR SUBMISSION ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN!  The Event Status and Edit Event Details boxes will indicate which of the required fields need to be completed.  Missing or incomplete required fields are noted in RED.  

Click Finish

STEP 3_________________________________________________________________

The following message should be displayed at the top of the Event Creation and Editing Wizard: 

This event has been successfully saved!

If all of the required fields are not completed after clicking finish, an error message will appear at the top of the Event Creation and Editing Wizard.   

STEP 4_________________________________________________________________

Close the event.

STEP 5_________________________________________________________________

The requestor will receive an email when the request is successfully submitted.

The event and location(s) or resource(s) requested are NOT CONFIRMED until you have received a separate email confirmation from the Event Scheduling Office.

+-Checking the Status of an Event

Once you have located the event, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Event
  • Click the Task List Tab
  • From the dropdown menu next to View, select All Assigned Tasks.
  • Under the Details Tab, the status of the location and/or resource requests will be shown under the Event Occurrences box.  (Gray shapes indicate pending assignments, colored shapes indicate approved assignments.)
  • View the State column located in the Event Details Section.  If the State is Confirmed, your event and resources have been approved and you have the requested space.  If the State is Tentative, your request has not been processed.

+-Editing an Event

Once you have located the event, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Event
  • Click Edit this Event
  • Make the changes in the Event Creation and Editing Wizard.
  • Save the Event

+-Canceling an Event

Please email the event reference number to: eventscheduling@chapman.edu with a request to cancel.

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