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Tuition Per Unit (2015/2016)

Master of Business Admin: $1,470
Economic System Design: $1,470
MBA/Food Science: $1,270
MS in Accounting $1,250
MBA/MFA in Film and TV Producing $23,250 (per semester) 

To verify amounts, please check Tuition and Fees.


Student Business Services is responsible for the financial administration of all student billing related to tuition and fees, as well as providing support and advice to students to aid in understanding their student account with the university. For more information visit Chapman University's Tuition and Fees page.

Chapman eBill is the university's official method of sending monthly billing statements – all bills are online and are accessed through WebAdvisor.   

Payment for the Fall semester is due July 31st and for the Spring semester payment in full is due December 31st.  Payment for the Summer is due by the first day of class. 

Tuition payments can be submitted online with an eCheck through a regular checking or savings account.  Credit cards are not accepted for tuition or fees charged to the student account.  Students may also pay with international or domestic wire transfers.  Students can make payments in person at the cashier’s office or through the mail using a check or money order.  For further assistance please go to Making a Payment.

Business Office Holds 

A student may find that they have had a hold placed on their account by the Business Office. The primary reasons for a hold are:

  • Failure to submit two important documents that every student at Chapman University must have on file with the business office:  here are the links:
  • Student has an outstanding balance or is behind on a payment plan

You may contact the Business Office by clicking here. 

Withdrawals, Drops and Refunds 

When registering and dropping courses, please be cognizant of the tuition refund schedule

Tuition Refund Schedule for Graduate Students (fall and spring semesters)

Withdrawal Timeframe  Percentage Refunded
Withdrawal prior to the first day of classes 100
Withdrawal within the first week of classes 90
Withdrawal within the second week of classes 70
Withdrawal within the third week of classes 50
Withdrawal within the fourth week of classes 10
Withdrawal after the fourth week of classes 0

Tuition Refund Schedule for Interterm 

Withdrawal Timeframe  Percentage Refunded
Withdrawal on or prior to the first class meeting 100

Tuition Refund Schedule for Summer Classes

Withdrawal Timeframe  Percentage Refunded
Withdrawal prior to the first day of classes 100
Withdrawal after the first class meeting 85
Withdrawal after the second class meeting 75
Withdrawal after the third class meeting 50
Withdrawal after the fourth class meeting 0

University Tuition and Refund Schedule 

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Contact Us

Debra Gonda

Debra Gonda
Director, Graduate Business Programs
Phone:  (714) 997-6745

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