»Argyros School Contact Information

+-Main Office Phone/Fax

Phone: (714) 997-6684
E-mail: argyrosschool@chapman.edu
Fax: (714) 532-6081

+-Mailing Address

The George L. Argyros School of Business & Economics

One University Drive
Beckman Hall 301
Orange, CA 92866


+-Graduate and Executive Programs

Daryl Stevens
Assistant Dean, Graduate and Executive Programs
Phone: (714) 997-6990
Fax: (714) 532-6081
E-mail: dstevens@chapman.edu

Debra Gonda
Director, Graduate Business Programs
Phone: (714) 997-6745
Fax: (714) 532-6081
E-mail: gonda@chapman.edu

Colleen McCullough Jilk
Assistant Director, Graduate Business Programs
Phone : (714) 628-2898
Fax: (714) 532-6081
E-mail: mccull@chapman.edu

Dawn Brewer
Coordinator, Graduate Business Programs
Phone : (714) 744-7694
Fax: (714) 532-6081
E-mail: dbrewer@chapman.edu

Financial Aid
Jack Millis, Director
Phone: (714) 532-6049
Fax: (714) 997-6743
E-mail: millis@chapman.edu

+-Office of Development

Aulton Kohn
Development Coordinator
Phone: (714) 628-7362
Fax: (714) 532-6081
E-mail: kohn@chapman.edu

+-Career Services

Career Services

Gene Rhee
Director, Argyros School Career Services
Phone: (714) 628-2896
E-mail:  rhee@chapman.edu

Sandra Hague
Associate Director, Argyros School Career Services
Phone:  (714) 744-7812
E-mail:  shague@chapman.edu

Lauren Klentak
Associate Director, Argyros School Career Services
Phone:  (714) 628-2733
E-mail:  klentak@chapman.edu

Joel Pearson
Assistant Director, Argyros School Career Services
Phone (714) 628-2747
Email: jpearson@chapman.edu 

Brittany Deneau
Recruiting Coordinator, Argyros School Career Services
Phone:  (714) 532-6077
E-mail:  deneau@chapman.edu

Dustin Smetona
Recruiting Assistant, Argyros School Career Services
Phone: (714) 532-6077
Email: smetona@chapman.edu

+-Research Centers & Institutes

A. Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research
Linda Corcoran, Research Assistant
Phone:  (714) 997-6693
E-mail: greeley@chapman.edu
Facebook:  visit us.

C. Larry Hoag Center for Real Estate and Finance
Fadel Lawandy, Director
Phone:  (714) 289-3157
E-mail:  lawandy@chapman.edu 

The Ralph W. Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Ethics
Shan Steinmark, Director
Phone:  (714) 744-7065
E-mail:  steinmar@chapman.edu 
Facebook:  visit us.

The Walter Schmid Center for International Business
Noel Murray, Director
Phone:  (714) 997-6835
E-mail:  nmurray@chapman.edu

Economic Science Institute
Cyndi Dumas, Administrative Operations Coordinator
Phone:  (714) 516-4513
E-mail: dumas@chapman.edu

Institute for the Study of Religion, Economics and Society (IRES)
Celia Perez, Administrative Operations Coordinator
Phone: (714) 516-4681
E-mail: celia@chapman.edu 

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