» Alumni Discovery Initiative

In spring 2012, Chapman University launched the Alumni Discovery Initiative (ADI) to bring alumni and students together with the goal of gathering the stories, opinions and perceptions of Panther graduates from multiple generations.

Along the way ADI has facilitated more than 350 interviews, helping the University gain a deeper understanding of alumni members’ time as Chapman students, their lives as working professionals and their relationship with the University today. ADI hires and trains current Chapman students, known as ADI Ambassadors, to connect with alumni for face-to-face interviews throughout Southern California and across the nation. 

By bringing students and alumni together, ADI not only strengthens alumni connections with the University, but it also gives the ADI Ambassadors an opportunity to build their Chapman Family network and get a glimpse of what life is like as a Chapman graduate.

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+ - ADI Ambassadors

We are currently hiring for the summer of 2017! If you're interested in being an ADI ambassador, please fill out an application here: http://chapman.peopleadmin.com/postings/10709

Questions? Contact Sarah Buckley at alumni@chapman.edu.

+ - Interview Results

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