General Education Assessment: Written Inquiry
General Education Assessment: Written Inquiry

» Writing and Composition Inquiry Assessment

Written Inquiry Learning Outcome: Composes texts that show attention to the rhetorical elements of author, audience, and purpose.

Written Inquiry Evaluation Rubric

Written Inquiry Assessment Process

The Written Inquiry area was assessed in the spring 2011.  The assessment of the student work samples collected resulted in the following action steps.

Action Steps Taken:

  1. Revised the Student Learning Outcomes.
  2. Evaluation rubric for Writing and Composition was redesigned. 
  3. New outcome statement and rubric criteria will be widely distributed to faculty members teaching Writing and Composition courses each semester.
  4. In the future, two writing samples (one early in the semester, one later)  along with guidelines/prompts and any student reflection (if assigned) will be collected.
  5. A Chapman Undergraduate Writing Program Blackboard Site was created to communicate directly with all instructors working in the program, giving them a space to work with each other as they encounter questions or problems regarding this and other Student LearningOutcomes.
  6. Two Writing and Composition/Assessment workshops were held for adjunct faculty in 2011-2012to discuss assessment findings.
  7. The next Writing and Composition assessment should be conducted within the next 5 years.
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