»Honors Achievements Archive 2009-2010

Chapman University Awards

Sasha Anderson
Henley Award: Political Science and Sociology
Language Department: Outstanding French Major Award
Campus Leadership Award

Tim Deisler
Communication Studies Department: Departmental Honors

Jesse Dietch
Psychology Department: Departmental Honors
Psychology Department: Outstanding Senior
Dodge College of Film and Media Arts: Cecil Award nomination for
Achievement in Cinematography

Sarah Ganderup
Language Department: Outstanding German minor
History Department: Academic Achievement
History Department: Award for Academic Excellence

Elizabeth Klehfoth
Wilkinson College: Outstanding Creative Writing Student Award
Mel Watson's Award - Scholarly and Creative Excellence

AJ Lepore
Music Department: 2010 Music Education Award
Music Department: Departmental Honors

Merideth Robinson
Psychology Department: Departmental Honors

Tim Sauer
Conservatory of Music: Music History Award
Conservatory of Music: Jazz Award
Recognition for graduating with a GPA higher than 3.7 (3.93)


University Honors Award

Thomas Carpenter
University Honors Program Student of the Year, 2009 - 2010

+-National Collegiate Honors Council Presentations

44th Annual Conference
Washington, D.C.
October 2009

Elizabeth Kosearas, Daniel Bulone, Matt Baker, Liz Klehfoth, Melody Kleiman
"pWn'd! A Newbs Guide to the Interwebz"

Liz Fiacco, Sam Price-Waldman
"It's Alive! The Re-re-re-re-re-reanimation of Frankenstein"

+-Western Regional Honors Council Presentations

36th Annual Conference
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
March 2010

Daniel Bulone, Brandon Padveen
"Writing Honors Culture: The Honors Novel and Community-Building"

Joy Buchanan
"Copyrights and Social Norms"

Jessee Dietch
"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: Treatments of 21st-Century Insomnia"

Liz Fiacco
"Extremes and In-Between"

Keith Funkhouser
"Why We Like the Bad Guy: A Look into the American Gangster Film"

Jessica Green, Matt Baker, Sam Price-Waldman
"Mental Music: A Brief Introduction to Music Therapy"

Paul Jones
"The Cooperative Colonial Farm Experiment: Exploring Factors in Successful Commons Management"

Elizabeth Kosearas
"Lyrical Breakdown"

Devonie Royal-Gordon, Elizabeth Klehfoth
"The Plot Thickens: Examining the Story Behind Stories"

+-University Honors Conference

Chapman University
May 1, 2010

Sasha Anderson
"The Sociolinguistics of Power"

Jeff Black
"Going, Going, Gone. The Past, Present and Future of Sports Broadcasting and Reporting"

Thomas Carpenter
"Pun Intentional"

Grant Cushman
"Religion vs. Morality: An Analysis of Western Religion's Effect and Stance on Morality"

Dawn Datte
"The Effect of Comprehensive Sex Education on Students' Safe Sex Practices"

Tim Deisler
"More Than Just a Game"

Jesse Dietch
"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: Treatments of 21st Century Insomnia"

Sarah Ganderup
"How White was the Wash?: Bloody Sunday, 1972, and Memory Creation in the Widgery Report"

Chandler Garbell
"It's All Greek To Me: An Exploration of Greek Mythology and Its Significance in Western Culture Throughout History"

Morgan Helme
"How to Save the News"

Megan Holmstedt
"The Blood Suckers: Capitalism and the Changing Future of the Vampire"

Kat Jacobs
"Graphic Novels in the Classroom"

Chelsea Judy
"Secrets in Stone: A Look at Hidden Symbols in European Architecture"

Elizabeth Klehfoth
"The Plot Thickens: A Revealing Look at the Meaning Behind Stories"

Sam Knee
"Like It, Love It, Greenlight It - How a Movie is Made Before the Camera Starts Rolling"

Andrew Lepore
"The Future of Music"

Jasmine Li
"Analysis of American Apparel: Internal and External Perspectives"

Courtney Long
"Media Credibility in Mass Communications"

Kat Parks

Andrew Ritter
"Getting Your Foot in the Door" 

Merideth Robinson
"Emotional Intelligence and Its Relationship to Academic Success"

Tim Sauer
"American Indian Powwows in California"

Rachelle Yeung
"Shirts, Sex, a Social Phenomenon: The Story Behind American Apparel

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