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»Undergraduate Applications

+-Application Process

All students applying to the B.F.A. Art or B.F.A. Graphic Design programs must complete the Arts Supplement via SlideRoom as well as the Common Application. Your art supplement fee will be $10 which you will pay online via SlideRoom when you submit your materials. The art supplement application requires you to submit four pieces to be considered:

1. Statement of Interest:

Describe why you are interested in studying studio art or graphic design at Chapman University, including artistic and educational goals. The department of art at Chapman University is committed to interdisciplinary dialogues, including academics and non-academic interests that influence your art work.

2. Statement of Two Most Successful Works:

Pick the two most successful works in your portfolio and explain in a statement what makes them most significant, including how the formal elements of the works support their meaning.

Statement should be about 500 words in length, total.

3. A Signed Letter of Recommendation:

Submit a signed letter of recommendation from a high school art teacher or art mentor, speaking to your creative talents and merits as a student. The letter is not required to be confidential, but submitting a signed letter of recommendation is mandatory. NOTE: This letter is in addition to the recommendation letter required by the Admissions Office.

4. Media Uploads:

Portfolio- Upload 8 to 10 examples of your best art work. It may include design, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture or whatever you feel best demonstrates your talent.

Photo- Upload a photo of yourself so we can identify you. Professional headshots are not necessary.

NOTE: In total you should upload 8-11 items, including one photo of yourself

1.       December 1, 2013 for Early Action
2.       March 1, 2014 for Regular Decision


All supplemental materials must be uploaded through SlideRoom through

For more information on deadlines or the application procedure please visit the Chapman University Admission page at 

+-Change of Major or Minor

Things can easily change over a four year period. While in college, you might discover hidden talents and your dream job may become something you never knew existed. Everyone in Chapman University's department of art understands that your education is a process of self-discovery and, in fact, we encourage students to expand their studies to other areas beyond their major. Even though students are admitted to a specific program, they still have some flexibility to take additional classes in other areas of the department and many additional classes at Chapman University. However, students may still decide to change their major to another area within the department of art or a completely different program at Chapman. For the department of art, here are the policies for changing a student's major and/or minor:

Add or Change of Majors

  • Students may apply to change their major at any time. A decision will be made once their departmental and academic record has been checked. Please contact the department of art office at (714) 997-6729 to set up a meeting to talk with the department chair and program head prior to applying. 

Add Minor

  • The graphic design and art minor require an application.
  • Students may apply to add a minor within the department of art at anytime. However the applications will only be processed at the end of the spring semester. Applicants will not be notified with a decision until after spring grades are posted (early June). For transfer students, if you come in with at least 60 credits, you may apply to add a minor after one semester at Chapman University; otherwise, you must wait to apply after two semesters. Please contact the department of art office at (714) 997-6729 to set up a meeting to talk with the department chair and program head prior to applying.

Please note

Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA at Chapman University to apply for a major or minor, or have the approval of the department. We do our best to meet every student's needs, but unfortunately the high demand of many of our programs makes it impossible for us to guarantee approval of a change of major and/or minor. We always encourage students to have alternate plans in case they are not approved for one of our programs.

Download the change of major/minor application

+-Tuition, Aid and Scholarships

Tuition and Financial Aid

All up-to-date information regarding the cost of tuition (including housing costs) and financial aid can be found on the Chapman University website. Any additional questions regarding tuition and financial aid should be directed to Chapman University Office of Admission.

Department of Art Fees

Beyond the cost of standard tuition, students majoring within the department of art may accrue additional costs in the form of class fees normally set at $75 per course. Money collected through these fees supports the production environment and equipment used.

Merit Scholarships:

Chapman University awards merit scholarships based on the applicant's academics performance. These scholarships are awarded specifically by the Office of Admissions at Chapman. Please contact the Office of Admissions with any questions.

Talent Scholarships:

The department of art awards talent scholarships to a select group of applicants based on their departmental application. All students applying to the BFA in Art or the BFA in Graphic Design are automatically considered for a talent scholarship; no additional materials or forms are required. Please contact the department of art office at (714) 997-6729 to inquire about scholarship amounts.

+-Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit additional portfolio pieces to showcase my work?

No. The upload maximum in SlideRoom is 11 pieces.

How do I submit the Arts Supplement?

On the Common Application, you must select that you plan to submit an arts supplement. This will bring you to the SlideRoom application system. You will then choose your program of study, and upload all required materials.

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