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Continuing your education through grad school is a big decision. With heavier coursework loads and increased specialization subject matter, much more independent work and self discipline is required.  However, furthering your education does put you ahead in your field of interest.  Explore this section to answer questions you may have about graduate school. Use the information you gather  to investigate the possibilities and requirements expected of you throughout this process.  

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started here is a list of frequently asked questions about graduate school . Print them out and start a packet for your graduate school research.

Grad School What & Why

It is important to know what graduate school is all about before you start taking steps to apply. In the following section we will provide you with information that will clarify the difference between certain graduate programs and help you to decide whether furthering your education is for you.

What Grad/Professional School is All About »

Why Grad School? »


Fellowships, scholarships and grants are generally financial awards for study and research beyond the baccalaureate degree. These can be awarded by private organizations, by academic department, or by institution. To learn more about fellowship opportunities read through the following documents and guides.

Requirements & Guides

It is important to know the different requirements before furthering your educations. Timelines and  guidelines should be determined first so that you can build a schedule for yourself to follow. Below are some general guides that are useful during this process and some examples of entrance essays and personal statements. 

Financing Options

Financing grad school can be confusing. Because there is so much variance, this page is designed to give you a quick overview of some of the most common terms you will encounter and provide a bibliography of sources for you to consult. Then, consult the financial aid offices and departments of the schools you plan to learn what to expect.